[Activity] Show your Banggood order to win VR glasses

Started By: bander Started On: 2017-8-7 18:28:48
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>>> layering 15 kinds of technology to create sparkling radiance in the curved BL5000. It reflects unique radiancewith every movement of you. It shines amazing from every angle.

>>>Applying 3D design in both front and back, and 8 exquisite curved sides, BL5000 is like a sleek gem in whole. The curved front and back is seamlessly connected with matte middle frame,   

>>> It is 3D polishing technology that makes the uniquely black, blue and gold colors, and makes the BL5000 finish pure and shining. Beauty in BL5000, is distinctive from outside to inside.  

>>>BL means it is going to“be long”, with the volume of 5050mAh. Doubled battery volume than normal phone is a guarantee on long time working.

Now it is available in Banggood. The price is only $139.99 from August 7th to August 13rd.


1. Show your Banggood order dated from August 7th to August 13rd and post a screenshot here.
2. The screenshot should including your order number and order date.
3. The first 5 poster will be  lucky guys everyday.


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2# Yesterday 2017-8-7 20:04:04
Aviso importante!!!
No os dejéis engañar
Después de hacer todos los pasos indicados con la compra del Doogee mix aun sigo esperando los regalos que nunca envían
Es todo mentira no conozco a nadie q se lo hayan enviado

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3# Yesterday 2017-8-7 20:10:43
Además no hay forma de que contesten a los email después de comprar
He enviado email a varios contactos y nunca contestan

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4# Yesterday 2017-8-7 20:13:03
es mi dirección por si tienen la decencia de contactar conmigo alguna vez

5# Yesterday 2017-8-7 20:22:58

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6# Yesterday 2017-8-7 20:53:39
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Fui el primero en postear en la compra del Doogee Mix en Banngood
Este fue mi mensaje:

Hola, ya estoy ansioso por ver el smartphone.
Ayer 5 de junio una las 00.15h del hice la compra y he sido primero en postear.Adjunto el pdf de compra. La imagen no puedo adjuntar por: problemas ajenos a mi.

Hi, i'm looking forward to see the smartphone. Yesterday June 5 at 00:15h i made the purchase and i was the first to publish. Pdf attachment, the image i can not be connected do to problem that are foreign to me.I hope to receive VR for being the first of this forum to buy.
Thank you

7# Yesterday 2017-8-9 21:18:31
There should be something for the guys who ordered from Doogee official store Aliexpress....
8# Yesterday 2017-8-10 06:28:56
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Hi! Here is my order.

Sin título.jpg
9# Yesterday 2017-8-11 02:39:08
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Hello! here my post maked todayC:\Users\Lázaro\Documents\Documentos personales 2015\Documentos personales\compras\doogee bl5000
pedido doogee bl5000.jpg
10# Yesterday 2017-8-11 23:13:45
Below is my order:
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