The First Exploring Silver Bezel-less Phone in the World

Started By: bander Started On: 2017-8-25 19:33:23
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Are you tired of the mediocre colour of phones? If you do, the new MIX would be a nice choice.
Doogee MIX Silver is the first exploring silver bezel-less phone in the world right now, and it’s going to be available soon.

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2# Yesterday 2017-8-25 20:35:17
Does this one come with a crystal clear protective case or will it also include the black case?
Any news on an upcoming software update that fixes the existing bugs?

3# Yesterday 2017-8-26 14:26:21
will this one come with a fake dual camera and fake P25 processor as well?

4# Yesterday 2017-8-26 14:31:23
dual camera is not fake
maybe the p25 might be fake
dual camera unlike other mobiles does take one RGB and one monochrome then process and give you the final pic.
in Doogee Mix the second cam is only for focusing and calculating the depth i dnt know why they need a 8mp camera for it
as another post revelaed it must be that 0.3 or 3 mp camera not the 8mp
if you want to test just close the second cam , open the BLUR option in camera
Focus on an item by tapping after focus is done there wont be any blur effect.
now open the second camera too and focus on an item now you will see the blur effect working

5# Yesterday 2017-8-28 18:42:08
gg_exglP78 replied at 2017-8-26 14:26
will this one come with a fake dual camera and fake P25 processor as well?

Dual camera and processor are not fake!
6# Yesterday 2017-8-28 18:43:05
It's August 28th now, phones are cheaper in official store, but which one is the most cost-effective? Does anyone have some recommends? How about MIX in silver?
7# Yesterday 2017-8-29 14:32:00
gg_exglP78 replied at 2017-8-26 14:26
will this one come with a fake dual camera and fake P25 processor as well?

No one would know except Doogee team. And Doogee team only rarely answers such hardware questions...
Silver one is with gorgeous looking. But, the hardware and software, I am guessing, would be disappointing people again. It has been two months, many problems/issues/questions have been raised by users -- first supporters. But, problems are still there... some people got their phones returned and refunded. Some still put their hope on Doogee's firmware released...... Man, I hope Doogee would respect their customers a little more, explain the hardware issues.
8# Yesterday 2017-8-29 14:51:11
So... It looks nice... But... does it make any sense, as everybody puts it in a case?

There is something on the plus side for Doogee. They don't speak about bezel free anymore... what makes it a little more honest.
Well... they stick to the P25 and the 16/8 MPix Camera. So I guess it is true.

But anyway... I am still waiting for the NVRAM Error, the Bluetooth streaming error and the Webview Update Error to be fixed.

At the moment my wife uses the phone. But next week it will be my phone as she will use another phone.

9# Yesterday 2017-8-29 15:13:27
I love the colour
10# Yesterday 2017-8-29 15:44:47

Well... me too. But I would use a case anyway
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