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111# Yesterday 2018-1-23 23:38:48
1. Features  Add "Touchless mode" - When the screen is not used for control. Moreover, the touch should be turned off.
  Switching to this mode and back must be done with the external button like PTT. For example, two short presses block the screen, one long - unlocks.

What is this for?
  When water (bathing, rainfall  etc.) touches the screen, phantom clicks occur. Sometimes you can not use the camera for this reason.

Hint#1: You can add water autodetect mode by detect spontanly touches.

Hint#2: Patent the technology that I will now describe.   "Doogee one-key dial (tm)" : If the screen is broken, it is shed with water (waves, rain) or there is no
              possibility to dial the number by touching the screen .... Give only one button for this. Long press - readiness to dial. Next, if you need to type 1, make a short
              press once. Dial the number two - press twice and so on. End the dial - long press. If the call in progress and needs to be terminated - long press. These actions
              can be accompanied by voice prompts. So you can make a call without using the screen.

2. Structure
    A. Make the screen more protected.

    B. Make an eyelet for attaching the (hand) strap. Nobody wants to drop the phone from the cliff or drown it in the river (sea)? Everyone will be able to pick up a safety
       strap of the required length and configuration independently. However, the phone can be equipped with a starting one, sufficient for putting on a wrist strap.

That's All, Folks

112# Yesterday 2018-1-31 02:16:08
Respected sir,
I feel following things must be added to next Doogee s series flagship,
1) MIL -STD-810G military grade resistance
2) IP69 water resistant and dust protection
3) Improved wireless charging
4) Better optimized systemUI with android Oreo
5) Front selfie flash (As this phone is well known for good camera)
6) Preferably less weight
7)Imorovement of design for easy carrying of phone in pockets( as Doogee s60 was difficult to carry easily)
8)Improved signal latching capability
10) stable and faster OTA updates

Doogee is fastest Developing company in terms of rugged smartphones.In market competition,only doogee is best company offering high end specs at low end cost.please  improve user experience by adding above things.
Thank you sir.

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113# Yesterday 2018-2-12 10:26:05
1. Creo que deverian tener, pequeño proyector holografico, app integradas de sensores de red para domótica y app de facilitación sitios de parking, wifi gratis, localizacion de organismo via gps, etc para personas con minusvalias.
2.Marco biselado de total proteción de 2 pantallas full scream, con los procesadores necesarios para ello, mas carga solar y movimiento.
Sería un tlf bastante molón.

114# Yesterday 2018-2-13 17:30:31
1. Features -- Incorporate a survivalist electric plasma lighter in the corner of the phone, capped of course.
2. Structure -- Carbon Fiber --- IM8 to IM10 strength. Lighter than titanium but stronger...

115# Yesterday 7 day(s) ago
Edited by Pesebrero at 2018-2-15 03:42

- MAKE GLOBAL VERSIONS: When I lost my beloved DG700 in a robbery, I was left out of options for a replacement, since not only rugged Doogee phones but NOT A SINGLE of Doogee phones released afterwards works in my country (neither 3G or 4G). Previous generations worked fine, and I was not only a happy Doogee owner, but also an active promoter of your products. So, no matter how good or attractive is the phone, I cannot buy or promote it if IT DOESN'T WORK AT ALL!!!
- Do not partition the internal storage: This one is really important, as it's a source of headaches related to lack of space. It's a shady practice from most device makers, I suspect it has to do with forced obsolescence. You can be better than them, so don't deliver your phones with that useless secondary partition whitin the internal storage, since microSD cards fullfil that purpose (of course, you have to include a microSD slot in the first place, and to me is essential). Finally, keep the base system streamlined, without any bloatware.
- Faster storage is better than bigger: I prefer 16 or 32gb of fast and quality internal storage, instead of having 64 or 128gb with mediocre performance. It might even have a positive effect on manufacturing costs. Let's face it: no one needs more than 32gb for system and applications. Again, it is the job of a microSD card to save all non-essential files like photos, videos and FLAC music collections (smart people dislike lossy audio formats), and they remain optional. People who desire 128gb or more internal storage deserve to pay extra for an Iphone.
- Avoid using non standard resolutions like 18:9 or 21:9: They bring trouble when watching content or running certain apps and games. Besides, idiotic people still record video with the phone in vertical position. Use 1920x1080 for fullspec and 1280x720 for lite or regular versions. Do not go beyond 1920x1080, it affects performance and it's useless for a rugged phone. Stick with IPS screens though.
- Deliver lite/regular versions with SMALLER screen size: Between 3.5 and 4 inches with 1280x720 resolution. That way battery life is even better, and it's easier to operate the phone single-handed. Stop the nonsense of going bigger just because some idiots want to compensate for their tiny intimate parts.
- Be generous with RAM... but not that much: RAM is quite expensive right now, but also there's no point in having 6gb for a rugged phone. As I said before, keep the resolution between 720p and 1080p, so the phones will not suffer any performance hit.
- Possible configurations, per above advices: 3.5-inch+Quad-core+3gb RAM+16gb+1280x720 for lite/regular; 4.5-inch+octa-core+4gb RAM+32gb+1920x1080 for fullspec. 5.0-inch+deca-core+4gb RAM+32gb+1920x1080 for premium/flagship.
- Allow the use of 2 sim AND a microSD card: Do not follow the recent STUPID trend of including a small tray which forces us to choose between a microSD and a second line.
- Keep the battery easily removable: Related with the above, the battery should be always accessible if replacement is needed. Include the traditional cover instead of the stupid and fragile plastic tray for sim cards and micro SD.
- Design a standard case/frame with modularity support: This one is for the long term. We should be able to replace parts easily, screen, mic, camera, charge connector, and even the SoC. You could sell the parts on your own store, and earn a reputation for providing such exclusive functionality.

- STOP USING NON STANDARD SCREWS: I do not understand the reason you use the very same screws from Apple. It's ironic, because the whole point of Doogee phones is they are made for smarter people than Iphone users.
- The phone should be able to survive accidental water immersion. It's not strictly required for them to resist prolonged immersions or support high depth resistance. Save that for a higher end, premium model.
- By design, screens should survive a 2 meter fall to the ground. I think you are doing a good job in this area (my DG700 fell several times with not a single scratch).

Bottom line: Keep making phones for smarter people, you've already established a brand around that, just tighten some screws to reinforce it. And did I mention you should make all your devices to work globally?

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