[winner announcement] Guess and Win BL12000 for Free!

Started By: bander Started On: 2018-1-6 16:22:28
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BL12000 has lots of attractive features like wide angle camera, 18:9 dispaly, octa-core cpu, OTG, fast charge and so on. But the most outstanding part of this phone must be the battery life!

Let's guess the duration and win BL12000 for free!


Click HERE (http://www.doogee.cc/sale/bl12000/) to participate!

Friendly reminder: Don't forget the power monster BL12000 has 12000mAh, remember that will help you to make the guess
Sorry for the delayed announcement as forum has been hacked.

Congratulation to our Winner(langfinger91@gmail.com) for the BL12000 event! We have informed the winner by email for shipping info, please check your mail box.
Thank you all for your participation and support! Please look forward to the next giveaway event, it will be coming soon!
Here are the correct answers:
Movie watching: 25 hrs; Gaming: 23.5 hrs; Navigation:38 hrs; Phone Call: 90 hrs; Standby: 1000 hrs

2# Yesterday 2018-1-6 19:29:47
I hope I get lucky this time around
3# Yesterday 2018-1-6 23:44:01
4# Yesterday 2018-1-7 02:29:00

bl12000 giveaway?

Edited by Dostičić at 2018-1-7 19:47

23.5 hours in gameplay is missing!In my humble opinion, by disabling the 23.5 entry for gameplay on the bl12000, it is not possible to give the exact answer to the questions asked and therefore no one will be able to win the device. I wonder why?! Fraud?!
5# Yesterday 2018-1-7 02:33:40
very long battery life.
6# Yesterday 2018-1-9 01:19:46
Edited by fb_Q6aHI41 at 2018-1-9 06:42

7# Yesterday 2018-1-9 03:40:28
Ya he participado en el concurso enviando las respuestas.  Un teléfono con 12000 mAh es brutal.
8# Yesterday 2018-1-9 05:00:07
Ya he enviado la respuestas.

9# Yesterday 2018-1-9 06:49:50
The weird thing is that these mega battery phones are so huge in mAh, but in actually are not that much better then other phones :p
Lets say that a 4000mAh battery lasts 2 days, then a 12000mAh wont last you 6 days.
it will top off at about 4 days :p
10# Yesterday 2018-1-9 10:27:04
any coupon code for it and what time will release the BL12000 pro .
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