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41# Yesterday 2018-3-2 04:30:22
What would make me buy this?
1st, durability issue
2nd, the feature I'm desperate to have by now and that is...
a. the feature that samsung have, the clock shown on screen even if its lock w/o worrying about the battery
b. addition to that would be to display the notification together with the clock separately or somewhere in the screen
- this notification must somehow include the initial part of the message...

Why would I want that? Simple...
Its always annoying to unlock the phone with unwanted notification and to look at the time as well.
Let's admit that unlocking the phone won't always be as fast as we want it to be and unlocking and locking the phone is disturbing just to get a tiny information as I said earlier...

c. quick reply mode...
- sometimes, what we only need is to reply a text and yet we need to go through a lot of unlocking the phone and opening the app... if we only need to do one thing, why do we have to see all the apps on home screen, etc...

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42# Yesterday The day before yesterday 00:13
do u gone support older phones with new firmware?
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