• Free Gifts For Early Birds!

    Folks, as mentioned in previous post, today I bring you the Mix 2 activity. Mix 2 is a wonderful and beautiful phone as a member @gg_ZD1RG92 said: “ This time it looks exactly like the pictures on th ...
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  • [Activity] Gifts For Forum Members

    Thanks for all your support for DOOGEE and thanks for your participation in our forum. Consider of that, we will send gift to 10 members whose “credit” is listed at TOP 10 on Oct 5th. You should b ...
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  • Doogee S60 Reviewers Needed

    Want to be our mobile phones reviewer and review the latest Doogee S60 ? A very rare opportunity has opened up. If you have passion for technology and a history of producing fantastic content, we want ...
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  • When iPhone X Meets Doogee MIX 2

    Today Apple hosted the big event to introduce new products, and the most special one must be the iPhone X. Edge-to-edge display, home button removed and Face ID, the iPhone X looks like a smartphone f ...
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  • Win Doogee BL7000 For Free & Get $100 Refund!

    This is the best time to shop at DX and win some benefits back! DX throw an event with Doogee to let customers get the full refund when they purchased Doogee BL7000! CAMPAIGN RULES 1. During this ...
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  • Let’s See What UK’s Biggest Tech Youtuber Said About Doogee Phones!

    Are you interested in DOOGEE BL5000, MIX or S60? UK's largest Tech Channel Youtuber Supersaf have made an unboxing video about the three models recently. You may want to know >> watch video As Supersa ...
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  • [Winners Announce] Win DOOGEE S60 For Free!

    DOOGEE S60 is one of the best rugged phones: passed a long time submerging test, resistant to 99% of dust, wireless charge, doubled navigating sensor, fast charge...Do you know more infos about it? An ...
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  • [Giveaway] Doogee MIX Lite price guessing

    Hello guys ! MIX Lite is coming! It’s small but exquisite, as beautiful as MIX , but slim body and slim bezel. Above all, it may be much cheaper than MIX. But how much it will be? You tell me! Comme ...
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  • Dear Marques, our name is Doogee [du:dʒi]

    Recently, famous Youtuber Marques Brownlee had mentioned Doogee MIX in his video about cool bezel-less phones. >> watch videoAnd we are very glad that he did it. However, he might have some problem pr ...
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  • The First Exploring Silver Bezel-less Phone in the World

    Are you tired of the mediocre colour of phones? If you do, the new MIX would be a nice choice.Doogee MIX Silver is the first exploring silver bezel-less phone in the world right now, and it’s going t ...
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