• DOOGEE S90 Raised $350K USD!

    Thank you for always being together with us! We've ended the S90 Kickstarter campaign raised with more than $350K USD. Though we didn't hit the $400K Stretch Goal, we decided to give the Ultimat ...
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  • Guess what the new module is

    Just get a model of new S90 module and can't wait to show these pictures to you. As we all know, S90 now has four modules: night vision camera module, walkie-talkie module, power module ...
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  • DOOGEE S90 has raised $100,000 in 18 hours! Thanks!

    DOOGEE S90 has raised $100,000 USD in last 18 hours! Thank you, every DOOGEE fan! If you are interested in DOOGEE S90, click>> HERE
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  • Less Than One Day to Witness the Modular Rugged Phone, DOOGEE S90

    Only 12 hours left to the launch. Set your alarm and don't miss the super early bird deal! Super Early Bird will get the price of $299 but pledges are limited to 100! You can now ...
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  • [Winner Announcement] Guess The Price of Walkie-talkie Module and Win

    The Walkie-talkie Module module has these features: l Wide Frequency Range;l Crystal Clear Audio;l CTCSS and CDCSS;l High receiving sensitivity;l DMR encryption;l Great Compatibility It has almost t ...
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  • Winner Announcement for Spin and Win

    Congratulations! This is part of the winner list as the activity doesn't end, so you still have a chance to win. We already send emails to winners, if you are the winner, please check your box, ev ...
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  • [Winner Announcement]Guess The Price of Power Module and Win

    Here are some specifications of the power module: l 5000 mAh;l Overcurrent protection;l Short-circuit protection;l Transfer efficiency: ≥90%;l working temperature: -20℃~+55℃;l Wireless The best p ...
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  • Add a Santa hat on your social media profile picture

    Christmas is coming, would you like to add a hat on your photo? Click >>HERE
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  • [Winner Announcement] Guess The Price of Night Vision Camera Module and Win

    The impressive configuration of the night vision camera includes: l 12 times more light sensitive than the ordinary camera;l Big aperture;l SONY 131°super wide-angle;l 6.18’’ FHD+ premium screen.l ...
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    Here is the chance to win prizes. You will have two chances to try. Sign up to get one chance and share the page to get another chance. $10 can be used to buy any smartphone you like and then you wil ...
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