Large Battery smartphone Doogee BL 5000

Started By: bander Started On: 2017-6-15 19:25:29
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What do you expect for large battery smartphone? BL5000 maybe the most beautiful one.


2# Yesterday 2017-6-15 19:48:37
It would be interesting to test
3# Yesterday 2017-6-16 18:49:28
Its going to be 5000 mah battery as its name suggests..great looking mobile from back .please release more snaps bl5000
4# Yesterday 2017-6-17 12:12:23
Next to the leaked photos, there is already some specifications to be shared. The Doogee BL5000 will feature a huge 5050mAh battery which will support Quick Charge 3.0 technology, curved arc design of the back cover, a dual rear camera setup with a LED flash.
When looking at the pictures it seems like the Doogee BL5000 won’t be a bulky smartphone despite the huge battery. Furthermore there is no other information available yet.

5# Yesterday 2017-6-17 20:12:01
I hope it's with exchangeable battery. I have X5 and X5 Max pro for the whole family. From empty battery to 100% in 2 minutes. Simple by switching the telephone off, exchange battery and restart. I have at home 2 external battery chargers and batteries for X5 and X5 Max pro
6# Yesterday 2017-6-18 01:03:38
It will have inbuilt battery ..the days of exchangable batteries gone because mobile companies want to make more compact mobile phones ..detachable battery don't provide that freedom to mobile makers ..but 5050 mah battery is huge ..it will give u best performance

7# Yesterday 2017-6-22 03:32:03
Excellent design. I'm sure that such a battery will allow me to stay in the access zone for a long time, and also allows me to use this smartphone to the maximum of its capabilities-watching movies, the Internet, games, photos, etc.
8# Yesterday 2017-6-25 20:48:55
abhis1world replied at 2017-6-18 01:03
It will have inbuilt battery ..the days of exchangable batteries gone because mobile companies want  ...

can you explain to me how nnon removel batteries make design more slim?
9# Yesterday 2017-6-25 21:06:38
Advantages of non removable battery mobiles ....

Less parts that can break– Very difficult to get inside the phone and tamper with delicate parts, that could cause damage.
Less gaps– Literally less room for dust or dirt to access the device, and no chance for dirt to be transported in through changing a battery
Slimmer battery– Phone manufacturers can make their phone slimmer as the battery unit is designed and seal together.
Single frames or ‘unibody design’ are usually more solid than phones with battery ‘doors’ and often look far sleeker.

10# Yesterday 2017-7-25 00:32:49
12 hours continues watching movies!
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