BL5000,Doogee new series

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DOOGEE BL5000 will come with our leading-edge technology, bringing a completely new user experience to define the big battery smartphone again.


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Nice design.

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Great design and looks ..When going to announce detail specifications and Wht itak launch date?  

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If you are planning to buy a new smartphone, no doubt that you will consider the in-hand touch. When it comes to a big screen one like 5.5” or more, how does it feel in hand would become a dominant factor in your purchase? That’s why smartphone manufacturers are putting much effort on enhancing the touch of their products now, and making 2.5D glass as an attractive selling point, like iPhone 6, or even go further and achieved 3D curved glass. But what if we say that there’s a phone more curvacious than any other smartphone on the planet. According to the leak, meet DOOGEE BL5000, a phone with 4x 2.5D.
DOOGEE BL5000 – Innovation At Its Best!

Getting into the details DOOGEE BL5000 is more than a simple 2.5D glass phone, according to them. Normally, 2.5D glass means it got a small curved in the edge to create a smooth transition between glass and frame. But the glass applied in BL5000 is much more curved.
The picture shows it has very rounded edges. It is said that BL5000 is curved 4 times than a normal 2.5D glass. So it got a larger area of curved glass, almost feels like a piece of spherical gemstone in hand. Besides, the back cover of BL5000 is curved in the same angles, that gave the best grip and fit people’s palm perfectly. Both front and back have the curved corners and sides, so it is also 8 curved sides considering the all curved body.

Doogee BL5000

DOOGEE claims BL5000 will be a beautiful large battery smartphone ever. It won’t be heavy or thick as the normal large battery models, which compromised in design to house larger battery volume. As stated before, a curved glass will help a lot in the body design. DOOGEE BL5000 will house a 5050mAh battery capacity that got it a name of 5000. Another configuration of BL5000 is not clear now, but we are positive that it would house dual cameras, latest CPU, and large storage as a flagship.
Source -Xiaomi Today

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True how about you check out the umidigi Z1/Z1 pro at
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