1# 2017-6-23 19:12:11
I can do a review in arabic on youtube and twitter
My YouTube channel / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5-X-_iomVKD5vs-8_tMI4g
My twitter account / https://twitter.com/b0rdga
If you want contact me
My email / b0rdgastore@gmail.com
2# 2017-6-23 19:20:20
3# 2017-6-23 21:23:05
I share the link
4# 2017-6-23 22:18:39
This is my post on facebook.

I just sent an email to Sabrina, I hope you like my video and my resume
5# 2017-6-23 23:59:23
Note me for an spanish review facebook and twitter
My twitter account is @tidalwave83 and this is my FB page:

If you want contact me
My email / juanalarcon83@yahoo.es
6# 2017-6-25 00:43:35
I do reviews but I mainly do them on a person to person basis. I do have a Youtube channel but I have no videos there. Because of my line of work, most of the feedback is given when clients ask about my gadgets and what I think of them and the site I purchased them from. I am from the Caribbean, Trinidad, and Tobago to be exact. Like most people in my region, we are not familiar with your brand but I have been impressed by the specs and I would love the opportunity to gain some experience with your devices. I can also post to my Facebook profile and do a video if you like.
The best advantage of my type of feedback is that people are able to get a physical interaction with the device so there is a better experience for them and a more efficient delivery of how great the product is on the whole. I do hope you consider me. Thank you for your time.
7# 2017-6-25 07:31:28
8# 2017-6-25 08:47:40
9# 2017-6-25 17:52:07
I could post a review in Germany and English. I am having a photography site and also some followers on Facebook. I  would really like to make a review from the site of a photographer, like how the cameras works, video quality and how it works as a secondary display for cameras and how it is to show pictures /videos on the phone to others. Also, i would also show some gaming performance etc as we all need to use a phone normally too

my youtube channel: www.facebook.com/cgphotokandou
you can contact m on this email: chrg2@hotmail.de

10# 2017-6-26 18:10:25
Hello Sabrina,

I am a youtuber. My channel name is CoolTech4U with more than 43,000 views on my channel : cooltech4u

Sample Videos:
1. This video of mine gathered 20,000 views in one month

Here is my latest video
It will be gathering good views in a month and as of now it is the third video result on youtube search for "Canon G9X MARK II REVIEW"

I will be obliged if I am selected as a reviewer and you send me a working product for me to unbox and review and recommend the same to all.

I have also subscribed to the products on your site.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

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