100 global reviewers needed for Doogee new phones--Doogee BL5000

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Get freebies and review them!
We will send products to you for free if you can post our products on popular channels and get great interaction.
If you have already made review in the past that has been popular, it will be of great benefit and we would love to hear from you.

Why do we offer this?
Doogee is a great smartphone brand and the internet is a big world, so we need people in popular places and experts of products to help us spread the products to everyone.

1. Post reviews in forums/blogs and deals sites. If you are a channel owner that would be better.
2. Any language is okay.
3. Good writing ability

Number of reviewers in need for Doogee BL5000:  50

More detail please contact below:

Language: Russian
Contact: Frieda
E-mail: wangjing@doogee.cc

Language: Spanish

Language: English
Contact: Sabrina

1.Reviews can only show Doogee products only;
2.All parts of the review should be original and not contain copyrighted material;
3. Not every review application will receive a sample.
4. Video or review hauls containing other brands or suppliers will not be considered.


1. The reservation of BL5000 started in our official website, if you share the reservation link and post a screenshot here, you will get a better chance.

2. More chance:  20 reviewers needed for Doogee X20
3. More chance:  30 reviewers needed for Doogee X30


2# 2017-6-23 19:12:11
I can do a review in arabic on youtube and twitter
My YouTube channel / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5-X-_iomVKD5vs-8_tMI4g
My twitter account / https://twitter.com/b0rdga
If you want contact me
My email / b0rdgastore@gmail.com
3# 2017-6-23 19:20:20
4# 2017-6-23 21:23:05
I share the link
5# 2017-6-23 22:18:39
This is my post on facebook.

I just sent an email to Sabrina, I hope you like my video and my resume
6# 2017-6-23 23:59:23
Note me for an spanish review facebook and twitter
My twitter account is @tidalwave83 and this is my FB page:

If you want contact me
My email / juanalarcon83@yahoo.es
7# 2017-6-25 00:43:35
I do reviews but I mainly do them on a person to person basis. I do have a Youtube channel but I have no videos there. Because of my line of work, most of the feedback is given when clients ask about my gadgets and what I think of them and the site I purchased them from. I am from the Caribbean, Trinidad, and Tobago to be exact. Like most people in my region, we are not familiar with your brand but I have been impressed by the specs and I would love the opportunity to gain some experience with your devices. I can also post to my Facebook profile and do a video if you like.
The best advantage of my type of feedback is that people are able to get a physical interaction with the device so there is a better experience for them and a more efficient delivery of how great the product is on the whole. I do hope you consider me. Thank you for your time.
8# 2017-6-25 07:31:28
9# 2017-6-25 08:47:40
10# 2017-6-25 17:52:07
I could post a review in Germany and English. I am having a photography site and also some followers on Facebook. I  would really like to make a review from the site of a photographer, like how the cameras works, video quality and how it works as a secondary display for cameras and how it is to show pictures /videos on the phone to others. Also, i would also show some gaming performance etc as we all need to use a phone normally too

my youtube channel: www.facebook.com/cgphotokandou
you can contact m on this email: chrg2@hotmail.de
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