WATCHDOGS Boot Animation

Started By: wangxiaoli Started On: 2017-7-31 10:57:04
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Hello everyone,
Today i am going to show you how to change that boring boot animation by this cool one. So lets begin:


For normal users - (Root needed)
1) Download the file from below.
2) Download any root explorer of your choice.( I prefer Es file explorer)
3) Navigate to the downloaded apk and long press it.
4) Under the 3 dot menu select extract to and extract the apk.
5) Now you will find the file in assets folder.
6) Now go to the root folder and navigate through system>media.  Once there locate your current file
7) Long-press your current file, and click copy, as we'll want to have a backup just in case. Paste it wherever convenient for you OR simply change the extension from .zip to .bak
8) Once your new has been selected for moving, navigate back to system > media and paste it there. You'll have to overwrite your current animation zip, but that's fine since you have a backup in case something goes wrong. Go for it.
9) For many of you, the previous step will be the last step. But, if for any reason you're still stuck with you old animation, you can try aligning the permissions of your newly-copied file with the permissions in the system/media folder. In our case, those were rw-r-r. Just long-press your new file and click Permissions and change them until they fit. The logic behind these abbreviations goes like this: Owner - Group - Other. Read for 'r', Write for 'w', and Execute for 'x'. Save the changes and restart...
10) Done, Show this awesome boot animation to your friends.


Mega -

Note :
You are choosing to make these modifications, and dont point the finger at me for messing up your device.

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