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My name is Mike and I live in Vancouver, Canada. Over the past few years, I have developed a great appreciation for Chinese phone brands as they bring the best value for your money. Oftentimes, when I carry one of these phones around it is a great conversation starter with friends, family and even strangers.

I just like the fact that i can debunk a common known myth that Chinese produced electronics are cheap, dysfunctional and not quite up to the standard such as more famous brands such as apple or samsung. I quite thing the contrary as I love the value that these phones bring, the uniqueness and also a form of expressing who you are.

I would love to help Doogee to market out the brand for the average person in the North America market place. I know that consumers are getting smarter and wanting to use something unique. I believe I would be a great candidate as I have passion for such phones.

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Hello Friend how are you? I hope it's ok! I saw the ad and I'm here? I would like to review your products! I have a Youtube Channel With Mas +30,000 Subscribers
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Добрый день! Меня зовут Александр! Я из России. А если быть точнее то из Сибири. Я живу в тех местах, где обзоры на смартфоны довольно популярны.Я могу сделать детальный обзор смартфона в хорошо обставленном мебелью месте.
Для этого я использую новый, либо мой канал: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ ... ?view_as=subscriber
Я расскажу о всех плюсах и минусах данного смартфона, так как множество плюсов мне уже известны.
Если Вы согласны, свяжитесь со мной по электронной почте: yakiwood@yandex.ru

С наилучшими пожеланиями, Александр.

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I thought he said PM me, are we supposed to say all that in the comments section?

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5# 2017-9-14 21:23:04
I havent started any such reviews officially.
but have commented , guided many in choosing a tech gadget.
If you would like to give me a chance to start fresh , then i am ready to give you more details about me and what i can do
6# 2017-9-14 22:44:44

My name is Borut and I am UK correspondent for online Airsoft magazine airsoftnews.eu. Our online magazine writes reviews of kit which is essential for the sport we all love. We would like also include reviews of electronic devices as your Doogee S60 phone. Since we would like to write an independent review of the product, the only way of doing that is obtaining a sample and put it through serious tests which also include testing it under severe conditions like rain, mud, extreme temperatures etc.

If you are interested in our review of the product do not hesitate me to contact me on borut <at> zipp.nu for further information

Here are some reviews / articles I was involved in:

http://airsoftnews.eu/2016/12/ai ... tor-hits-uk-market/
http://airsoftnews.eu/2016/12/ai ... oes-it-news-update/
7# 2017-9-15 01:25:48
Salve,Mi piacerebbe aiutare Doogee a vendere il marchio per l'Italia, sono un appassionato ti tecnologia a 360 gradi, e ho anche un negozio di telefonia mi piacerebbe far conoscere il marchio Doogee a i miei clienti e ai nuovi, una nuova realta' come marchio che sta crescendo molto, vi seguo da parecchio tempo e a prezzo i vostri prodotti, spero che mi sceglierete come tester cordiali saluti .
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My name is Wagner and I'm Brazilian university teacher of Computer Science and Computer Engineering graduation courses. I'm working with some projects that envolves mobile devices, sensors and microcontrollers. Recently I'm contributing with questions that envolves computers architecture and operation systems in a group of facebook called Tecnogrupo, that have approximately 21600 members.

In this link you can see a prototype that i developed some years ago using mobile devices https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXxShGZw7NY&t=32s.

I want to be a reviewer of mobile devices and mainly the S60, because it resistance, appropriated for engineering projects.
I have some article publications in portuguese that you can see the link in researchgate, like this example: https://www.researchgate.net/pub ... Armazens_de_Graneis

My researchgate profile https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Wagner_Al-Alam
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My name is Fabio and I'm italian and i'm a physical therapist and many times i use my phone to make photos or videos of my patients. I must be able to be ready to bring my phone when i need it and we use many times oils. With a S60 i can clean simply my phone after the use.
I want to try the S60 to see if it can be able to be a good idea for my work because of is simplicity to clean it and to use it with his very good camera, also in low light. It can be a good phone also for the worker that work in open air, with dust, water and so on.
I have also other asian phone and tablet and it is the future!
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Buona sera, io sono un libero professionista, vado spesso in cantiere e il telefono lo uso per fare foto, consultare email. Appassionato di escursioni e vivendo vicino ai colli euganei nel weekend vado spesso a fare trekking o qualche giro in bici. Appassionato di tecnologia nel tempo libero mi tengo informato delle ultime novità nel mondo android. Spero di essere utile
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