[MIX]How to Double tap for recent apps, and completely hide virtual buttons!

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Alright so I'm not going to get detailed for this, I might get banned for activity or something.

Anyways, since for some reason the fingerprint sensor can only be double tapped to lock the device (what's up with that? Just add double tapping on the screen for locking it) instead of it being used for recent apps or back or home button, you were unable to completely hide the virtual buttons which made your screen smaller. You would sometimes unintentionally bring them back since you were only hiding them temporarly.

The solution for that, is to install Nova Launcher Prime. The stock launcher isn't really good anyways. You can get it on www.rexdl.com

The "Prime" part is very important since the regular version doesn't allow you to use gestures.

Once you install it, go to "gestures and input", and under "Home Button", select "Recent Apps". UNCHECK "Only on default page".

Now you may be wondering right now: "How is this supposed to work? It doesn't say double tap anywhere!!!"

And here's why it works.

Under Doogee System Settings, you select the tapping of fingerprint to serve as a back button, and holding it as a home button.
The gestures in Nova Launcher work only when on "desktop". And that's the part that makes this work so well.

Now, since you have to hold the fingerprint for a VERY SHORT time, you hold it twice. It's really not too big of a difference betwen tapping.
1st hold: You get back to your home screen, and Nova Launcher starts recognising gestures.
2nd hold: Since now Nova's gestures are now up and running, Nova Launcher will actually bring up the default apps.

So this really is a 2 step proccess, combing Launcher and System gesture options.

You may now freely select "Completely hide navigation bar" in your system settings!

Here's how it works!

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vinjak please let this ban issue slide

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Very good info its interesting too

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4# 2017-10-7 15:45:10
Don't be afraid for the ban stuff, just obey the rules and you'll be fine, there's nothing wrong making a post to help out people especially with those type of problems.

Anyways, this clearly reveals that the finger print sensor's issue is actually on the software side, not the hardware, I believe. Keep it up and have a nice day!
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