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This review is not just about the phone but about this DOOGEE website as well.
If this review is deleted from this fourm, i will post on other popular mobile forum.

******About the materials*******Rating : 5/5
I received this phone couple days ago.
When i first opened up the box and held the phone, it felts amazing.
It doesn't feels like those cheap materials.
I love the clicky buttons, it feels like mechnical keyboard keys.
No complains about the material, everything seems perfect.

******About software******Rating 3.5/5
When i first switched on and started setting up the phone, i found out that the wifi couldn't find ANY network.
I had to skip the whole setup and proceed to the settings to enable and connect manually.
*If you are using mobile data, you can proceed normally.

After setting up the phone, i went on testing it.
Device seems smooth but i do encounter some frame skips on facebook videos.
As for the DOOGEE's launcher, what i don't understand is why do they placed news widget/page on the left page and there is no ways of disabling it (Maybe there is a settings for it but i missed it. If you know how to disable it, please do guide me.)

~~Speaker/s~~Rating 5/5
First lets talk about the speakers, on the website DOOGEE states STEREO speakers but on my device, only one is working.
It is really sad that not both speakers are working BUT the speaker is loud and clear.
Among all the devices i had, DOOGEE S60 is one of the loudest and clearest.

~~GPS~~Rating 0/5 (Yes zero / five)
My gps isn't functioning.
I factory reset, use multiple applications ( to ensure that it is not applications fault) but to no avail.
Few applications shows that my GPS is on but no signal was received.
I had couple devices with me, all devices do receive gps signal but not DOOGEE S60.
My main reason to purchase S60 is to use it as navigation device during riding but i guess i can just throw it aside now.

~~Doogee website~~Rating 0/5
Seriously, how do i submit repair request?
I went to support> repair > service(repair request)> a page of texts pops up "Global warranty servicer and Professional repair part supplier" with out any ways to submit request.

so i tried to send them a after-sale support email via DOOGEE webpage(http://www.doogee.cc/category/after-sale-support)
I keyed in EVERYTHING but the F*ING system said that phone:cannot be left blank.

If you want to purchase a phone with no way of contacting the DOOGEE after sales, go ahead.
Will they repair your device if it is faulty when you received it?
Of course, if you are able to find/contact them.

Should you purchase from them?
It is up to you.

Will i purchase from them again?
No way

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2# 2017-10-9 20:10:04
I'd like to tell you that Doogee in my opinion is actually having some struggle in releasing softwares for their handsets, they have a lot to focus on! I'm sorry for the repair request, I just wished it could be temporarily removed so that people won't be frustrated of it. Instead, ask help from me.

3# 2017-10-9 20:48:59
gg_APPUT59 replied at 2017-10-9 20:10
I'd like to tell you that Doogee in my opinion is actually having some struggle in releasing softwar ...

i would love to get help from you but unfortunately don't think i am having software issue
I am assuming that it is hardware issue as i have 2 S60 devices to compare.

Tried GPS on both devices (mins ago), my dad's phone's GPS works.
I am using 3 application to test, Google maps, GPS status and GPS test.

Google maps - Navigation is not working. The application does show me the route to my destination ,after i pressed start navigation, the little blue dot just doesn't move when i am moving.

GPS status - After having problem with google maps, i downloaded this app to check on the status but it seems like my phone unable to capture the GPS location.

GPS test - This app shows that my GNSS receiver is on but unable/didn't receive any signal.

If this is a software issue, it should affect both devices?

Anyway thank you very much for replying and i really appreciate the gesture. Thank you

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4# 2017-10-10 20:36:54
NewS60User replied at 2017-10-9 20:48
i would love to get help from you but unfortunately don't think i am having software issue
I am ass ...

There you go, bander says it. If others do really have no problems with the GPS, then something is wrong on your location. It might be due to signal, fluctuating data on your country, and other things that might affect. Try doing a factory reset, or even flash it.

If none of those works, have it replaced with the seller ASAP. Thank you.
5# 2017-10-12 19:06:49
Thanks for the replies.

Since i had no way to contact doogee and aliexpress seller, i started this "review" in hope that the staff of doogee will see this.
Doogee After sale support is like non existent as the messaging doesn't work. (http://www.doogee.cc/category/after-sale-support)

And as for aliexpress seller, they did not message me back after i told them about this issue.
After 2 days, i started a dispute on aliexpress, that is when they started to reply. (Problem has not been solved. The seller is still asking stupid questions/ repeating questions which i have answered.)

I do know that the GPS works as i have purchased 2 S60 from the seller.
Since one of the devices is working, the fault is not due to my location, poor signal or software issue.
I have check that both are on same Build and same GPS mode settings, to ensure software/settings are not the cause of this issue.
(I will change the rating after my problem has been solved.)

I am still disputing with the seller, hoping to get a refund ASAP.

Again, Thank you all for replying.

6# 2017-10-12 23:36:13
I hope that solves your  problem

7# 2017-10-28 14:21:38
I don't know why peoples very enthusiastic for sales but they don't show same kind of energy for after sales service. I hope there will be improvement in after sales service in future.

8# 2017-11-2 01:15:05
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So, I bought the Doogee S60 from Chinavasion and I also noticed that only one speaker works! I emailed them, saying that I want to return it and got the following message:
Thanks for your email.
Please note the right speaker is a decoration.
It has only one speaker.
Have a nice day.
Support Member
Chinavasion Wholesale Ltd.
Phone Number: 86 755 26451869
Fax Number: 86 755 266647679

What a fail!! I actually found this post here, because I was googling it to see if it's true..
Anyway, the speaker is strong yes, but could be stronger. I had a Microsoft Lumia phone before and (surprisingly) the speaker was stronger, but I guess a Speaker Boost app could fix this..


9# 2017-11-25 18:19:27
Jesy j9s is waterproof phone, the smartphone looks very impressive, its functionality is also great, and for the average user, there will be more than enough.

10# 2017-11-28 15:05:07
When I first saw Jesy j9s phone, it’s really huge, bigger than all normal phones I have ever used.
Also, there is a super-fast fingerprint sensor as well as an IR blaster on top and NFC sensor under the back. i like this phone.
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