Guide to Enable Navigation Bar and Disable Capacitive Buttons!

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You may be thinking, which one is better navigation bar or capacitive button. Some users prefer to use capacitive buttons, and the others prefer to use navigation bar or on-screen buttons. Today, I want to share a tutorials that will enable capacitive button & will permanently disable capacitive button (can be enabled again when you restore your backup)

#Disclaimer :
  • I'm not responsible for bricking your device, bootloop, phone dead, exploded, world war 3, nuclear attack, or killed your cats
  • Always backup everything before start
  • This tutorial has been tested by me many times on any ROM, but please as always, # DO WITH YOUR OWN RISK!!!

#Tools :
  • Your device (Must be rooted because we need to edit system files)
  • ES File Explorers or your preferred system file editor tools
  • Courage & patience

Enable Navigation Bar
  • Open ES File explorers (or your preferred system edit tools) & make sure you already enable the Root access for it
  • Go to System folder
  • Backup your original build.prop to your storage first
  • Open build.prop using text editor (any). Find a line like below
    • qemu.hw.mainkeys=1

    and change it to
    • qemu.hw.mainkeys=0

    Optional : You may want to change the dpi of your device because of reduced screen after adding navigation bar. To change it, add line under
    • ro.expect.recovery_id=xxxxxx (xxxxxx may vary for every device)

    and type (or copy-paste) this line
    • ro.sf.lcd_density=xxx (Use your preferred dpi)

    Note : every devices dpi may vary depend on the resolution of the screen. My Redmi 3s is HD 720x1280 pixels which has default 320 dpi. I will use 300 because it's the most suitable for me.
  • Save the build.prop & reboot your device OR proceed to next steps to disable capacitive buttons (note that they still can be used after added navigation bar)
  • After reboot, the navigation bar will appear & you can use it

Disable Capacitive Buttons Permanently
Note: Do this after adding Navigation bar. Never do this before adding navigation bar or your capacitive buttons will be unusable!
  • Open ES File explorers (or your preferred system edit tools) & make sure you already enable the Root access for it
  • Go to System > usr
  • Backup your original Generic.kl to your storage first
  • Open file Generic.kl as text
  • Find line like below
    • key 139   Menu

    and add # to the line like this
    • # key 139   Menu

  • Find these line
    • key 158   Back
    • key 172   Home

    and add the same # to both of them
    • # key 158   Back
    • # key 172   Home

    Note : Make sure you add a space before key word or it might not work
  • Save the file & reboot your device after done

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