How to update with ROM file and flash tool

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Important: it's a risky way to use the flash tool to update and it's better and safer to update via OTA. People in different region may get the update notification with different time, please wait.

If you decide to update via flash tool:

First of all, please connect your phone to PC, if PC can recognize the phone, go to Part 1. If can't, go to Part 2 ( if no recognition, try different USB interface first )Besides, back up your data please.

Part 1: flash the ROM (in this tutorial we use mix)

First of all, do not conncet phone to PC.

Then download flash tool ( HERE ) and ROM ( HERE ). You will get two rar files, unzip them.

1.Double click“flash_tool.exe”


2.Choose Scatter file : go to the unziped ROM folder and find the scratter file ( after unzip ROM file you'll get a folder, in the folder you can find "R11" or other folder, Scatter file is there )


3.Click Options-Download-Storage Checksum


4.Choose download method “Firmware Upgrade”, DO NOT USE "FORMAT ALL"


5.Click “Download”


6.Hold volume up button and connect your phone to PC via USB (when flash start, no need to hold volume button)

Note: Recommend to flash it with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Part 2: install phone driver

1. Download driver HERE

2. Unrar driver file > go to the unrar folder > double click "DriverInstall.exe" to run it.

Then you get below windows and please install it as below steps:
1 .jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg

Problems you may have:
1. if you meet an error like "PMT changed for the ROM", please go to step 4 and select the mothed "Download Only". Do NOT try "format all"!
2. if PC can't recognize the phone, please try other USB cable and other USB interfaces first. If that not help, install the driver. If still not help, unstall the USB drivers and PC will reinstall them automatically and try again. (You can find the path of USB drivers when you press "Win+R"> input "devmgmt.msc". It's a normal problem and you can find more details on the Internet)
3. if you lost IMEI number please PM me
4. use the tool in the thread to flash, unless you can find a new version of them. Do NOT use old version!

Watch video to see details:

Tips: If you meet some error then flashing, please check >>HERE<< to find solution

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2# 2017-11-8 20:26:05
whats the difference between this post and the previous one
Note i have no knowledge on flashing and rooting. I remember like i saw a similar post with similar screen shots please explain
3# 2017-11-23 20:12:18

this error appears

4# 2017-11-23 21:19:34
l  [EMI] Enable DRAM Failed.

l  Please check your images to make sure it matches with your phone and download again.
5# 2017-11-26 16:32:12
francisco68 replied at 2017-11-23 21:19
l  [EMI] Enable DRAM Failed.

this is the solution that I got from the store of Doogee,
  And if it works.

After the red progress bar is completed, press the volume down key (the key to decrease the volume) to trigger the yellow progress bar of the subsequent brush machine. Brush the best process with a battery brush.

6# 2018-1-11 20:46:45
francisco68 replied at 2017-11-26 16:32
this is the solution that I got from the store of Doogee,
  And if it works.

please explain what and how to do with me, too, such a phone, but after a red line error 4032.

Doogee mix lite

7# 2018-2-27 10:08:13
gg_PW5pS34 replied at 2018-1-11 20:46
please explain what and how to do with me, too, such a phone, but after a red line error 4032.

Do ...

did you hold volume up button when flash?

8# 2018-3-26 08:40:55
i lost the imei pls help me

9# 2018-4-4 21:42:22
whats the difference between the method "firmware upgrade" and "download only"?
is there a chance to dont lose all data with "firmware upgrade"?

Unverified member
10# 2018-4-17 09:42:05
I have a Doogee X6 smartphone. It runs android 6.0 , I want to downgrade my phone to android 5.1 or upgrade to android 7.0, Please help me
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