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Hi guys!Post some solutions for how to recognize phones on PC.Welcome to discuss here and share other good solutions if you have.

Well,here we go~

No.1 Check USB computer connection settings

1.Go to Settings - Storage on your phone.

2.Tap USB computer connection.

3.Select Media device (MTP) from the list.

4.Connect your phone to PC and it should be recognized.

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Re: Solve Windows not recognizing phone

No.2 Install MTP USB Device driver

1.Launch Computer Management and locate Device Manager.

2.Locate your device,right click it and select Update Driver Software.

3.Click Brower my computer for driver software.

4.Now click on Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

5.From the list select MTP USB Device and click Next.

After the driver been installed,your phone should be recognized.

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Re: Solve Windows not recognizing phone

No.3 Download and install Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows 10

In order to transfer files from your computer to your device you need to use MTP protocol.MTP protocol is related to Windows Media Player,and some versions of Windows 10 don\'t have Windows Media Player and support for related technologies such as MTP protocal.If your version of Windows 10 doesn\'t recognize devices,download and install Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows 10 from here.

No.4 Use a different USB cable

If you aren\'t using the original cable that came with your phone,you might want to consider swithcing your USB cable.In some rare cases,some USB cables are just designed for powering and not for file transfer,so you might have one of those USB cables.In order to be sure,try using a different USB cable,or try connecting your phone to different computer using the same USB cable.

No.5 Uninstall Android drivers

Sometimes you might not have the latest drivers,or your drivers might not be properly installed,so in order to fix issues with Android devices and Windows 10,it is recommended to uninstall your Android drivers.

1.Connect your device to PC and launch Device Manager.

2.Locate your device,which is located in Other Devices or in Portable devices section,but the location might be different on your computer.

3.Right click the device and select Uninstall.

4.After the drivers been uninstalled,disconnect your device.

5.Reconnect it again,and wait for Windows to install its drivers again.

6.Check if your device is now recognized.


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Re: Solve Windows not recognizing phone

Manufacturers, when you release a new firmware for Dogee F7? It is necessary to solve a problem with the translation in the settings menu and battery readings.
The problem with incorrect battery current. Program Device Info and the like, they write that the battery has a capacity of just 2920 mA. And in the performance phone 3400 mA. I would like you to have released a new firmware that is correct.

5# 2018-2-2 05:26:12
My S60 doesn't have those entries described under No.1
And the last system-update finished with: "Android - Error".

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Yesterday after 1st connect worked fine. Today i can not commect my S60 with PC.

No 1. My S60 Lite do not have those options.
No 2. From where i can get that driver? I dowloaded file From MTP site but this is normal instalation file. Win8 does'T recognize this file type as driver file.
No 3. I have Win8.
No 4. I tried 2.
No 5. Not work.

7# 2018-8-10 16:23:45
My S60 has the same issue like schteffn's.
I does not have the entries from No.1. Any solutions available?

8# 2018-8-16 01:36:35
Do NOT use any extra long usb cables ! They will charge your phone but they give problems with data ! Use the original cable.

9# 2019-4-9 23:24:46
Hi.. Use S90
How to connect my device to the pc since I'm not able to tap the 'USB computer connection'
Even using the orginal cable. Advice pls..?

10# 2019-5-21 09:34:47
support-service replied at 2017-1-12 11:02
No.2 Install MTP USB Device driver

Select Mobile Device first before MTP USB Device
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