11# 2019-6-30 03:44:43
I cannot connect my y8 to PC it is not recognized. help, I changed to usb tathering not recognized. I installed the link in previous page about how to install software It neighther worked

12# 2019-8-18 16:23:13
Edited by Denali_Whapusk at 2019-8-18 16:25
fb_avN6X58 respondió a 2019-4-9 23:24
Hola ... Use S90
Cómo conectar mi dispositivo a la PC ya que no puedo tocar la 'Conexión de computadora USB ...

Primero hay que saber que sistema operativo tiene tu PC, para ayudarlo a ayudar ...
Si es un Windows 10, primero hay que eliminar los controladores firmados de la PC, luego desde el móvil hay que activar opciones para desarrolladores, dentro de esta aplicación hay que activar depuración USB.
Ahora tienes que instalar los controladores Preloader SP_Driver_v2.0 y también un programa que se llama PdaNetA4150 es el que reconoce el USB del móvil.
Bajas la cortinilla y veras en letras pequeñas sistema Android, pinchas y das opción que tú necesites.
13# 2019-11-22 20:42:17
Thanks mate

14# 2019-11-29 12:31:08
S90 user. Before its working . but now it will make u mad bcoz pc will not recognize it anymore. Need help

15# 2019-12-3 18:21:09
Guest 49.145.3.x replied at 2019-11-29 12:31
S90 user. Before its working . but now it will make u mad bcoz pc will not recognize it anymore. Nee ...

Guys, I had problems connecting my Doogee mix. This solved it. Connect phone to USB. Settings/Open developer options. Go to Select USB Configuration and go to each of the options in turn. it will install the drivers, then finally back to MTP.
16# 2020-5-4 14:38:06
Edited by stevehopely85 at 2020-6-1 21:59

It might be because of the some of the app is causing trouble, i also faced the same issue because i left open vpn and other apps on the phone, it can also be because of cloud hosting issue.

17# 2020-7-4 19:42:30
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