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2# 2017-11-29 18:55:29
1. I think you could improve camera... A give a new generation of processor into it for example Helio P30. Better software support for example to come out with Android Oreo out of the box. It needs to have all of the sensors available for smartphones. And sides could be from rubber to grip better in the hand.
2. Phone should be made from metal some though one that is ruff and sturdy.  Rubber on the sides for better hold in hands back from metal. Front from Gorrilla Glass 5 . IP68. It doesn't have to be that bulky. And surface could be smoother.

3# 2017-11-29 19:44:37
1. What I really would enjoy in a rugged phone, is an ultra-precise GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO Receiver with a very precise way to calaculate its Position. As I would use this phone for Geocaching and Hiking.

2. I would not care much about the material, as I would use it in the rough terrain. The more "shiny" it would be the easier it's getting scratched. A very good outdoor-like surface... IP68 with a good grip. Could have rubber elements with "not so slippery" metal like parts. No Aluminium... more like stainless steel...

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4# 2017-11-29 20:06:45
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I dont have or never used a rugged phone so no idea what all thoughts i could give
My only impression is how to reduce the so thick layer and make it still rugged
Why cant we make the mobile rugged by using something like the Linex-coating and the neverwet to make it water proofso it saves the space of those rugged rubber materials

Also can the button placements on the side be replaced some how
because when i keep it on my bike holder the holder s press the volume down or power button and its disturbing

5# 2017-11-29 22:15:11
Other than being waterproof, they are also often shock-resistant making them ideal for outdoor activities, whether business related or not.

Most will have undergone stringent IP68 tests to ensure that they meet military-specified standards for protection against vibration, shock, extreme temperatures, dust and water.

Now, I want to share you some FEATURES I want to emphasized in making a rugged phone, Screen size: 5.7-inch | CPU: Snapdragon 635 | RAM: 6GB | ROM: 128GB | Battery: 8000mAh | Fast charging | Rear camera: 16+13MP | Front camera: 21MP. My personal reasons why I choose 5.7inch is that I really handle it very easy, the 6GB RAM and 128GB because a person like me who like surfing, gaming and all day socializing, this is so perfect. The capacity of battery is 8000mAh because I believe, the more battery life, the happier. I thing the MP of its camera is perfect for everyone especially to me who really likes photography.

Regarding to its STRUCTURE, I want it to be liked a combination of rubber, metal and titanium alloy in a two layer structure.

6# 2017-11-29 22:15:53
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1. it's good to have dual cameras at rear with the proper software to support them (ois is necessary). also you have to built it in such way or choose a loud speaker in order to have the 100db.
2. ip68 certifited. place the power button at the top (no down ppt as s60), the fingerprint if possible place it in front, try to make buttons smaller in order not to press them so often by accident.
    if you choose to have two speaker holes then place two speakers other wise it's good to have one bigger hole in the back down sender.
    choose a battery at least 6000mah and try the weight of the phone not to exceed 250gr.
    make the usb interface and headphone jack waterproof even with out the plug.
    fast charge and it will be good but not necessary to have wireless charge and if it's possible a fast wireless charge.
    don't exceed 5,5" screen (gorila 5) because with the shockproof protection the phone will be to big to hold.
    the external memory to be up 256gb.
    the material at the back of the phone not to be slippery.

the most important of all is when you release the new phone everything to be in order with out serious software problems


7# 2017-11-29 22:31:22
Doogee S60

Dommage que le doogee S60 n'est pas disponible en point de vente en France.
Je le veux pour mon Noël.
Doogee help me for Christmas.

8# 2017-11-29 22:38:23
1. Features
   large battery
   efficient chipset
   should support multiple frequency bands

2. Structure  
Water resistance IP68.
Fireproof (if possible)
durable screen

9# 2017-11-29 22:43:03
1. Personally I would absolutely love a great camera. A rugged phone is not only good for working sites but also hiking and actions sports. Therefore a great camera would be fantastic. SnapDragon SOCs/processors seem to be the best for cameras due the hexagon technology. Then for obvious reasons have IP68 otherwise it would be a poor rugged phone. More so, flashlight, GPS/Glonass and other features implemented into the S60 to make the phone versatile and appealing for the consumers. Big battery is also key as you need good power when hiking, using the torch, or even playing games. Reliable wireless charging is also a good idea, as it is much easier than unplugging the IP68 charging plug.

2. The structure needs good protection from falls. Therefore, metal is a good choice (Keep Aluminium not steel like suggested as it's too heavy). However, putting rubber around the edges would be a good idea to protect the phone and also make it grip well in your hands. The buttons on the side of the phone will need to be placed somewhere where you won't accidently press them. As it is a rugged phone, some users will be using gloves or have big workers hands. So poorly placed buttons are not good! This could be fixed by sinking the button into the phone so that they are flush, rather than having them stick out.

Additional notes: I would not invest in extra special features such as thermal imaging unless it is revolutionary. As this will take money from your budget which could be used elsewhere. Like getting good hardware and also software. Both are critical.

I wish you luck Doogee is designing your new rugged phone. But please do not forget about the S60, I have just invested in your product trusting that software will be improved. Thank you.

10# 2017-11-29 23:31:00
1. Dual camera system (normal + telephoto)
2. 18:9 display
3. A capable chipset like SD 660 or 635
4. Stereo speakers
5. Minimum 4GB RAM 64 GB ROM

1. Give minimal design, change cutting edges to blending edges
2. Weird color combo should be avoided
3. Rough look should be minimal, so that all can love the design.
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