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121# Yesterday 2018-3-10 02:38:13
Who won

122# Yesterday 2018-3-10 05:41:02
@Jalil_Irfan i don't think any winner has been announced

123# Yesterday 2018-3-11 20:30:31
After owning a doogee s60 which is my favorite phone and owner of the doogee s30 the only thing that could be better is the fault which both have which is the speaker low volume. Found a quick fix for the amazing s60 which I wish I still had by opening or removing either the charger or head phone flap. As for the s30 this quick fix doesn't work and even still I am trying to increase the volume of my calls as its just too low making it very difficult to hear whom you are talking to. Other than that these rugged phone's are great v value for money and overall great phone's. The  2 things I wouldn't change but just improve and I think everyone would agree with me is the camera quality and the speaker issues. With them 2working and improved these phones would be flying off the shelf.The s60 by far is a beautiful looking phone. Making a 5 inch screen version just to make it slightly smaller would be popular as most people's first impression is negative due to its sheer size tho those who would be looking to buy a rugged phone would not be put off as easily. Smaller version of the s60 might draw in a new crowd who are sick of having phones which have cracked screens after dropping them.
124# Yesterday 2018-3-14 18:15:09
please you are not made rugred or not rugred phone...s60 is problem your new phone be a lot of problem...

125# Yesterday 2018-3-15 17:22:56
Hey, whatsup?

yep, i have S60 and i'm somehow satified. So next phone from your workshop should go in these steps. But definitely some improvments will be handy

1. Features -- What features do you think should be added in our new rugged phone? Or how to improve the already exist features? These features can be helpful to your work or dailylife.
- current s60 has most of expected features, but you should work on:
* speakers - use both holes so it would be stereo  (somehow) or at least improve output quality. It would be handy to use it as outside speakers and there will be no need of UE boom or other external BT speakers.... it is waterproof so listen to music in any weather
* camera quality or at least some sw features. HDR mode would be nice to shoot faster. Comparing to Samsung HDR mode, at S60 it takes longer time to shoot photo and if someone or something has moved a little, it is not clear. Some manual modes would be nice as well, like Burst mode or Time Laps mode ;), beaty face or modes in current sw are in my opinion useless. Never used anything else than Photo, Panorama or Video. Btw: keep panoramatic function as it is, its great to have vertical or horizontal panoramas. Maybe add surround shot function to create visualization of place
* try to improve bluetooth reliability - first fw was alright, but last one is bad (connect to half of my devices, it works befor with older fw)
* good battery life is necessity - the longer the better
* size of display is ok, maybe little smaller frame so it can use more of the front area
* keep volume buttons, camera button, but SOS or PTT buttons are useless for me. They are easy to press and if you dont use them its anoying that starts something you dont want. Maybe move power button on top or make some side protectors so it wont be that easy to pres and turn of phone in pocket!
* slightly bigger hole for head phone plug 3.5" would be handy - but at least keep this! dont swap for alternative connection.
* microUSB connector is fine
* keep wireless charging and NFC function - but solve somehow the heating issue with
* keep 2 SIM cards and extra microSD slot, dont force to choose between second SIM and microSD like some other companies....
* flashlight or diod might be handy to have on top of the phone so it will be used as torch
* IR port might be nice to have so It can be used as remote for devices such as TVs, xbox, DVD players etc., with built in programable SW.
* MHL function would be nice as well to use microUSB to HDMI cable
* fingerprint sensor works fine for me with S60 so this should be still there

HW as CPU, GPU, RAM - at least on the S60 level (no problem with speed), but if there will be some extra power or extra RAM, thats always handy

2. Structure -- As it’s a rugged phone, what structural design should be considered in order to make it survive from extreme environments?
* IP68 is good, as owner of s60 and couple falls, still working with small scratches and hits on sides
* no need of any tooo shiny materials, got silver version and that is nice and decent.
* any light material that will make phone lighter would be nice, it would sit better in car holder especially the QI ones

Maybe anwers to those 2 questions are mixed, but you'll understand

Looking forward to the result

126# Yesterday 2018-4-2 21:01:25
1. Add in FLIR Lens to the hardware.
2. Anti Fog screen.
3. Industrial tripod screw mounting for the structure that can convert into headgear or belt mounting.
4. Screen that fully turn red and blink if set to alarm function.   

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127# Yesterday 2018-4-4 23:10:26
My two-cents..

Make a global model - there is a huge market potential for this phone in the mining sector in my country and none of the Doogee phones I've looked at support the bands which the country's major regional telco uses, which are 4G-LTE B1 B3 B7 B8 B28 - with the exception of hazardous area rated phones, which are outlandishly priced for general industry, every other phone is pretty much an iThing or Samsung in a Otter box,

FLIR per the last poster's suggestion would also be good, something to compete with the CAT phones, and something, if accurate, could be useful for industrial electrical maintenance as a quick check of connections.

Screen needs to be responsive to touch by gloved hands, maybe even a special "glove-mode" UI developed BUT keep the overall UI as close to stock as possible..

Happy to talk some more via PM


128# Yesterday 2018-4-5 20:56:25
I like to find in this rugged phone:
- All features of S60 and improve them.
- Screen under 6.0.
- As rugged phone it should have radio intercom.
- Wireless FM radio.
- Stereo speakers.
- Thicknes less than 13mm.
- For wire charge, it's should be easy to access like bin type.
- Change buttons location or use smaller size with good control to block them.
- Front fingerprint.

Best regards

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129# Yesterday 2018-4-6 22:25:51
1. improve camera and audio
2.metal is good

130# Yesterday 2018-4-11 19:02:03
Edited by gg_hunqt34 at 2018-4-11 19:05

In conclusion - [ S60 + BL12000 ]

I love S60. It is a very nice phone. The only disadvantage is the battery.
The battery not good. Battery is low. Battery is not enough.
so... all S60 + 12000 battery! -> It can be heavier and bigger. It will be a very attractive phone.
It will sell a lot. I am sure about that. This makes it a perfect phone.

Thank you.
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