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I love the S60 ruggedized phone, but the side buttons are too easy to press accidentally, and the phone is difficult to hold in your hand without pressing one.  I would like to see a sidebar extension along each edge that allows the buttons to be inset into the side, allowing one to hold the phone without pressing a button.  

I would like to see the fingerprint reader imbedded under the gorilla glass display, where the user would touch the glass to read the fingerprint... or facial recognition.
The S60 seems to be the only phone in your lineup that supports the bands B2 and B12, which are necessary for T-Mobile in the USA.  

132# 2018-4-13 21:44:33
Im listing here the things that usually sets me back from getting a rugged, since the reasons for which i would get one are obvious (IP68, huge battery)

1. The think that has been the bigger drawback for me to get a rugged phone, is the CAMERA, which is usually subpar compared to similar phone, so a good 16MP double camera, on the back would surely make me tip more for a rugged phone.
2. Another thing is the ROM, i prefer phone that has frequent updates to the last android rom available (eg an OREO now), and have a stock ANDROID experience, maybe with few added apps, like a compass, barometer and few others "rugged" style apps.

133# 2018-4-18 02:50:34
I think the phone is great just needs a way to make the power button harder to press as it turns on when not wanted. Other than that it is a wonderful phone the doogee s60
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