S60 lockout

Started By: hall Started On: 2017-12-1 04:59:17
2017 9
Hi, received my S60 a couple of days ago and was highly delighted until the wireles began dropping out. It became so bad I had no connection at all. I had to fully reset And now stuck at setup screen for google account which isnt allowing the S60.
After checking my google account devices on pc Google is reporting the S60 phone as a cat60 each time I try to connect.
I am now locked in a start up LOOP going nowhere slowly.
I have just reported today to Gearbest (china) hopefully they can help or return for exchange.
Its' worth noting that I have reset all my google account and devices to no avail until I used an old phone and changed over my Sims from the s60 and connected to my google account without issue. So got to be S60 but no reset working! Just hope  www.gearbest.com will replace.
Hard to speculate whats wrong with the S60 but started with wireless dropping.

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2# 2017-12-1 12:43:03
Thanks for letting us know
Hope so Gearbest can give you a better knowledge on the issue
If not do get back to us
In the mean time some of our users might give you a solution

3# 2017-12-1 21:50:16
Just check battery mode profiles .... check wlan if is off switch to on don't forget save and hope issues is gone

4# 2017-12-1 22:34:29
Thanks for the replies.
Managed to bypass the lock out between phone and google during start up. I had two step notification on in google and i think, maybe part of the problem. So turned off logged in with another email (forget about drive backup) and managed to get the phone to start up correctly.

The lock out/phone booting after clearing is definitely linked with google and two step verification in my case at least.
Still not sure why the gps/wifi dropping issue happened leading me to requiring a reboot, but does anyone know what is the latest wireless update for? sure dont want to lose the screen slide function but if i have too for stability then so be it.

5# 2017-12-2 01:40:35
I'm glad you sorted it

6# 2017-12-2 13:44:16
Sorry to hear that, please try to hold power and volume down button at the same time until Doogee brand display, then select option include "eMMC" to reset.

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