DOOGEE Slide Screen---The Conqueror of Full Screen Era

Started By: bander Started On: 2017-12-12 16:24:59
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Do you like the full screen design of iPhone X? For me it's not perfect, it will be better to remove the top small block
If you agree with me, maybe you will like the new design:


What do you think of it, do you like it or do you have a better idea? please share

2# Yesterday 2017-12-12 17:04:39
Yes i like it, cannot wait for it

3# Yesterday 2017-12-12 17:54:22
When I saw the project the first time, I've said : WAOW !

good point : back cameras lenses are flat, so all the back will be flat.

how thick should be the 2 parts ? it seems that one part is only the screen, the second part is all the hardware.
what about NFC ? What about the weight ? a notification DEL ?

if no 3,5 jack on the top, when the part with sensor and USB plug will be up, how much place for the USB outlet when you'll connect a wired earphone through USB adapter ?

Design is excellent, I hope cameras/cameras software quality will match this design !

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4# Yesterday 2017-12-12 19:22:44
Job well done, Doogee will never lose and will never be left behind on designs. Sooo lit!
5# Yesterday 2017-12-12 22:04:07
This mechanism could be larger depending on the number of cameras and sensors.
However I do not know if this mechanism is patent but I think not.

I prefer this design!, I think that this method the durability of the slide is improved.
It is preferable to have a good camera and software than several very poor cameras.

6# Yesterday 2017-12-12 22:19:15
Edited by fb_lNRmz70 at 2017-12-12 22:21

However, this sliding mechanism can not be done only in the middle of the mobile phone? Sorry for the bad sketch xp
I think that will reduce the thickness

*You can put something in that empty space, like a selfie button or some logo...

fast sketch

fast sketch

7# Yesterday 2017-12-12 22:59:06
wow this is dope

8# Yesterday 2017-12-12 23:22:33
fb_lNRmz70 replied at 2017-12-12 22:19
However, this sliding mechanism can not be done only in the middle of the mobile phone? Sorry for th ...

exactly my thought but it will be hard to slide if it is on top
9# Yesterday 2017-12-12 23:36:23
this look really well. please doogee don't spare any cost, get this implemented very good with the best quality and who want it will buy it
10# Yesterday 2017-12-12 23:38:28
doogee scrapping the F, Y and X series?
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