How to setup SP_Flash_Tool_Linux (MTK/MediaTek Soc)

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This works only on Linux 64-bit
DISCLAIMER: It is always risky to flash your mobile device. I do not and will not take any responsibility for bootloops and bricks.
Please check carefully that the ROM or recovery.img you want to flash is suitable for your specific device and for the sp_flash_tool. The firmware directory should neither contain meta-inf nor system folder, but something_with_a_scatter.txt and a system.img
Backup your phone before flashing!
Your phone's battery should be at least half charged (50 percent) before you start this.

So here we go:

Step 1:
If you haven't done so before, install the Linux generic usb-drivers package:      

  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt install libusb-dev
Download SP Flash Tool Linux (latest version): (Password to extract currently is mtk2000v3)
or here
In case you haven't done before, install unrar:
  • sudo apt install unrar
Extract the downloaded file -> graphic file manager (e.g. Nautilus): double-click and extract. Terminal:        
  • unrar x path_to_file
(from now on: please adapt paths to your own settings)
Move the new folder „sp_flash_tool“ to a directory of your choice.         
  • mv /home/username/Downloads/sp_flash_tool /home/username/...
You might also need to install libqtwebkit4 (it just happened to me on Linux Ubuntu 16.04):         
  • sudo apt install libqtwebkit4
[Only For Ubuntu 16.10 and newer]
These libraries are still required for the flash tool but have been removed from new Ubuntu versions.  

Step 2:

Change into the newly created directory:        
  • cd /sp_flash_tool
We make one file executable by typing:        
  • chmod +x flash_tool
In order to avoid running the flash_tool as root user, you need to add a standard user to the usergroup "dialout"
  • sudo adduser username dialout
For Arch Linux:        
  • gpasswd -a username uucp
and activate the membership immediately
  • newgrp - dialout
(Arch Linux):        
  • newgrp - uucp

Step 3:

Now you can open the tool:
  • ./flash_tool
or double-click on the flash_tool icon.

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