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Sometimes the problem is easy to reproduce and then engineers can fix it with the phone which can reproduce the problem.
But sometimes not all phones have the problem, then need the phone which has bugs to catch the log to analyze.

Here is the tutorial to catch log:

1.Turn on the developer options ----- go to settings > about phone > repetitiously tap build number > back to settings > find developer options > turn it on
2.Dial *#*#3646633#*#* > swipe left and find “log and debugging” > tap MTKLogger > click the start button
3.Back to Home screen > reproduce the problem more than once (Please write down the time when the problem happens: for example, the problem happened at 11:26 a.m) > pull down the notification bar > tap and enter MTKLogger > tap stop button
4.Go to file manager > find mtklog folder
5.Get the folder file (Connect to PC and get whole folder or compress the folder and share it to GoogleDrive or other place and get the link)

Here is the video to show details:

2# 2018-3-14 17:53:40
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Hi Bander, I made an MTKLog.zip. I love to help you guys. Please if you need more help, contact me personally.
Doogee Model and Variant: Doogee Mix 2 (15:50 logged)

Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id ... BHvlDF8lLN9LIWJYivU

Bugs or issues you have: No obvious bug or issue, but if you  find anythng please tell me.


3# 2018-3-16 01:05:24
Hi Bander, here you have a log for a Doogee X5 Max.

Doogee Model and Variant: Doogee X5 Max

Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id ... cy00KHx9OD2IpDNRc3n

Bugs or issues: Sometimes powers off by itself / OTA update installation impossible (error in update file when installing) / bluetooth connect interruptions

4# 2018-3-16 01:48:12
Another Doogee MTKLog.Zip

Doogee Model and Variant: Doogee T6 Pro

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/ ... d/view?usp=drivesdk

Bugs or issues: Nothing obvious

5# 2018-4-25 11:28:51
fb_FemoR00 replied at 2018-3-14 17:53
Hi Bander, I made an MTKLog.zip. I love to help you guys. Please if you need more help, contact me p ...

sorry, but better to let us know what the problem is and then we can check

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6# 2018-5-9 18:15:07
Hi Bander,

Please find below the Google Drive Link to my log file:

https://drive.google.com/open?id ... DDRMvnpGFz8aK91CGJ-

In my personal case I am experiencing a lot of issues with my camera; after a few times using it or after selecting the selfie camera the camera stops working and afterwards an error message shows up: "Cannot connect to camera. Please close any other app that may using the camera or flash"

It only works (partially) if I restart, but the same issue happens again after using the camera again.

Is this a known issue? The CS Team has advised me to restore to a previous version, but this is no permanent fix.


7# 2018-5-24 15:00:03
So my doogee x10 switches off everytime I watch a video play music take a picture
Time happened 07:38am
https://drive.google.com/file/d/ ... 2/view?usp=drivesdk
Please let me know if there is a bug as had this phone less than 3 weeks
Thank you

8# 2018-5-25 16:25:28
bonjour , merci pour la reponse et mise en route d'un rapport d"erreur ( MTK log) mais cela va trop vite sur la video et je ne sais coment envoyer mon rapport de mon phone a mon pc puis l"envoyer ...C'est tres difficile ...
Je souhaiterai aussi un manuel d'utilisation car rien sur le net a ce sujet ..
J(aimerai aussi faire apparaite mes fichiers interne sur mon telephone lutot que sur le pc , comme sur la video ..
Je compte sur vous pour m'aider a resoudre ce probleme de wifi , je pars plusieurs mois en asie et j(ai besoin de mon wifi .
Merci de la rapidité de votre premiere reponse , j'attends la deuxueme ^^

9# 2018-5-26 06:53:43
https://1drv.ms/f/s!ApgsSuaf6eBFmi4FDTOiYoNaOMPR ...
J'ai tenté cela pour envoyer mon MTKlog ...vraiment je fais comme je peux ..dites moi si cela fonctionne
cordialement titote

10# 2018-7-7 23:28:42
Your help please, my Doogee BL5000 phone has a flaw in the camera, it does not focus, how could you help me
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