21# Yesterday 2018-2-16 00:48:34
Edited by gg_NCoUM50 at 2018-2-16 02:03

Hopefully it is OLED or amoled screen from sharp company, for Samsung screen always just flicker.We just need a flat screen which will not crack. ...solid hard screen please
Please ensure back camera only has one which really works and please no fake cameras please. We as users needs a good camera with high 16mp -21MP quality and not those stupid fake camera.
Please place the camera and finger touch panel align in the middle on the back of phone for users easy to access.
How about 6gb or 8gb ram , 128gb rom or 64gb Rom with SnapDragon or mediatek optional for us to choose ?
I wished price will not be more than $169 - $199
Hopefully rom would use lineage os or Oreo 8.1 which is more stable, please be more concerned on the rom stability and provide more support .....
Please give us more battery power....
Hopefully NFC works for all country. ...
Please give more 4g and 3g bands and VoLTE. ...
2.4g and 5g WiFi strong signal. ....


22# Yesterday 2018-2-16 18:16:55
Edited by GarryJoshi at 2018-2-22 17:40

Its beautiful! I can't get enough of the sleek design of DOOGEE V. Really excited to get one for me.
Garry Joshi
showbox.onl getmobdro.com dltutuapp.com


23# Yesterday 2018-2-19 05:44:51
To be fair it is a copy of the iphone X... and as usual you won't even come close to it. I am not an apple fan... and I don't understand the need to make an iphone X like phone.

Pls, try something new.

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24# Yesterday 2018-2-27 16:38:42
bander replied at 2018-2-5 11:05
still need to improve software and optimize display, I guess it will take about 2 month to release ...

@bander its releasing today
hope the red color will be displayed as red color in the mobile screen instead of orange or pink
and let the customer receive the mobile with the improved specs and softwares especially for camera and battery

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25# Yesterday 2018-2-27 16:44:05
gg_NCoUM50 replied at 2018-2-16 00:48
Hopefully it is OLED or amoled screen from sharp company, for Samsung screen always just flicker.We  ...

hi for your kind information dont believe the advertisments or youtube videos
dual camera is not fake
there are different kind of dual camera setups
rgb,black and white cams,
telephoto and normal lens
in doogee, oneplus 5t, iphone7s , honor 8x pro etc the second camera is only to detect focus
in any of these phone you will not be able to find both the camera taking picture at a time
these dual cameras are used only for blur/bokeh effect


26# Yesterday 2018-3-1 04:52:35
That is simply gorgeous!

27# Yesterday 2018-3-3 00:49:34
Go for it!
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