31# 2018-2-20 03:56:41
The phone design looks OK, the camera flip-flop is the mark of the phone, so it can be recognised from other models. I agree with gg_jEOSb70 with his concern over whether the flipper mechanism would prove to *feel* like it is not cheaply made... Like good DSLR professional cameras, you know the thing was made for *manly* men, so if the concept of the flipper turns out to feel powerful and resistant, that should be a very nice design option indeed!!

There is another one possibility I see , why is the LED-flashlight under the lenses of the camera when it is facing self? If the LED-flash is above it, and right next to it there is a latch or a little appendage which you can use the point of your finger or nail to lever it up, would be a good idea... Plus, I reckon that as the lens of the camera is at the top of the flipper mechanism, when you try to lever it up, finger smudge will impress on the lens, so if there is lever, as I said, might prevent this direct action of smudging the lenses...

A single camera would not be a bad idea, but make sure it has a good sensor! My S60 camera sensor is so-so, in my opinion...

I have heard that when the fingerprint sensor is located at the side, it might be a bit more difficult for fingerprint recognition for a very simple reason, the fingerprint sensor must be narrow, right?! I believe you will be able to tackle that down but I am just pointing the importance of that out for you guys.. Because, most unfortunately, my S60 fingerprint sensor works so-so, so I am highly concerned if the fingerprint sensor will be located at the optimal location and easy of use.

I like the absence of too many buttons. As I said, I have got a S60 so I am trying to compare the Mix 3(?) to that. In S60, there are many buttons on the sides, but most fortunately, I can manage their utilization (even deactivate them) through the settings menu entries. So I mean to tell you that the absence of too many buttons make the device look sleek and easy to hold without the concern of unwantedly pressing buttons...

Now a little about the back of the phone... It looks like it is flat with the exception of the camera knob. When it is resting on a flat surface, will it keep steady?
If you do plan on adding something extra in the back, at the lower part of the phone, I would suggest a type of mechanical stand, which you could perhaps also flip open. Recently, I got a present which came together with something I bought in China which makes a Stand for the Phone. I will try and attach a photo for you guys, so that you can see where I am trying to suggest you implement in this phone or on another future phone, OK?! Of course the design would be very different, but this one I am sending the picture has a nice mechanism of activation.

For last, I winder whether there is sufficient *safe* space on the front borders for holding the phone without activating the screen accidentally? I know that most people will like the phone as it is: with very thin borders. I think the thin borders is another characteristic of the design and makes the phone beautiful, if you can keep it without user having problems holding the phone, I believe it is going to be very nice a phone indeed...

it is the activated form. the back of the phone should be attached to the little silicon 'ears'

it is the activated form. the back of the phone should be attached to the little silicon 'ears'

silicon and metal-springed stand

silicon and metal-springed stand

32# 2018-2-20 17:41:58
Дизайн нравится.
Отпечаток пальца с фронтальной стороны удобнее, чем с тыльной

33# 2018-2-21 16:53:10
I like the idea of using only one camera since I rarely need the small camera on the front anyway. The few times I'll use that, I can carefully flip it over.
That way, the cost for the second camera is eliminated and the main camera should be better than the usual ones.
I just hope that the camera will not break off should the phone be dropped accidentally. That is the bigger concern I have here since due to this design, there will only fit custom made covers for this phone to protect it.
8GB ram and 128 GB storage are good, the finger print on the side as well if it works.
I'd gladly check this phone out.


34# 2018-2-24 14:30:24
Me compre un equipo x5 y me siento estafado, su camara es de lo peor, y su bateeia no cumple con lo q me cendieron, los videoa de facebook se ven fatales y ni habalr de su velocidad, se traba y solicita agregar app q solo me ocacionaron problemas de publicidad molesta

35# 2018-2-24 22:00:20
We look forward to Dogee V in MWC 2018.

36# 2018-2-26 18:08:33
I'm not personally a selfie fan, this is a great design for me. The full front of the screen without having something to disturb the beauty of the device.
With great excitement, I'm waiting to present this smartphone. I hope the price will not be too big so as not to diminish the sales results of this unique device on the market.
More than anything he would like to have this example of art design.

37# 2018-2-26 23:55:41

38# 2018-2-27 11:08:25
Excelente noticia. Muy bien por doogee se nota la curvatura ascendente de evolución en diseño de marca. Gran jugada consultar a posibles usuarios por sus opinion.
Tengo una duda con la resistencia de esa cámara a las caídas.
Los bordes del teléfono por atrás un poco más redondeados para ser más ergonómico
Que más colores disponibles me gustaría en azul.
Un saludo desde latino América donde aún falta más penetración de su marca acá podrán tener excelentes ventas

Global moderators
39# 2018-2-28 18:47:41
bander replied at 2018-2-5 10:52
thanks for your option and advice. then do you like design of Doogee V, I can reveal a little info ...

now its p60 isnt it

40# 2018-3-2 03:34:26
Edited by gg_kwFmm23 at 2018-3-2 04:11

I like the design in which the buttons have rough feeling to identify them without looking. The place is perfect. Not annoying when typing but please make sure the buttons are not easily press nor too hard to press. I experience one since I own S60 in which during gaming, I always accidentaly press the button. they're too squishy.

The intriguing part would be the camera... will it be decent with one camera alone?
Are we letting go of the blur, focus and macro feature?
Peopl are selfie addict... And the expectation that this is a very good camera.. Will it be met? Hmm... expectation expectation...

Also I'm intrigue as to how the camera can be tweak? If human nails will be used, wouldn't it be irritating for the user? It must have something that won't annoy user to use it as selfie. (and of course, durability is an issue for accidents like falling or bumping to one another)

The plain black back part seems old fashion... if its wanted to maintain simplicity, atleast make it shinier or something that will caught the eye of a
"none doogee user". Intimidating is the best recruitment! ;)

Also, I'm curious if the sides are something like steel, hard enough to protect the phone from the inside (even if its not rugged but there's no phone that won't get drop by anyone).

With regards to the weight... if this is something classy, it has to be something light... it depends on the design but right amount of weight also defines what kind of phone it would be without sacrificing durability.
I'm not sure if battery life is an issue nowadays... I think people get used to common definition of battery. Just exceed the norms and it is a good to go (I'm aware that battery defines the weight at most ;) )

Since the design outside is simple, make sure the internal features are huge! It makes Doogee Mix 3 shine better against the rest. And also please don't make it something like the upgrade of Doogee Mix 2... If it is, the expected output would just an enhancement from the inside... Anyway, its not bad to make it that way... Specially if the name state it already or it belongs to the same category of its predecessor... but if its just the same and an upgraded feature of the past, it won't define much... expectation will always be the same...
Maintaining a huge difference from its predecessor and obtaining something unique will show the consumer that we are really dedicated in inventing new designs and that we are not a copy cat.

The all screen design is fine. Its not the first but let's make sure we are hearing a good sound in this one (can be one of its unique feature). Be reminded that phone is our main mp3 player, aren't we?

To make the long story short...
It's much better to know what's the definition of Mix 3 rather than guessing... Its definition that gives the user their own expectation...

That's all for now. Would like to have one if fortunate.

I haven't received my prize... hehe! Still waiting ;)

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