41# 2018-3-2 04:30:22
What would make me buy this?
1st, durability issue
2nd, the feature I'm desperate to have by now and that is...
a. the feature that samsung have, the clock shown on screen even if its lock w/o worrying about the battery
b. addition to that would be to display the notification together with the clock separately or somewhere in the screen
- this notification must somehow include the initial part of the message...

Why would I want that? Simple...
Its always annoying to unlock the phone with unwanted notification and to look at the time as well.
Let's admit that unlocking the phone won't always be as fast as we want it to be and unlocking and locking the phone is disturbing just to get a tiny information as I said earlier...

c. quick reply mode...
- sometimes, what we only need is to reply a text and yet we need to go through a lot of unlocking the phone and opening the app... if we only need to do one thing, why do we have to see all the apps on home screen, etc...

42# 2018-3-23 00:13:25
do u gone support older phones with new firmware?

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43# 2018-4-5 12:09:49
I prefer symmetrical design with camera in the middle, also there should be a derivative with 360 degree camera named Mix 360.

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44# 2018-4-15 06:26:17
hey doogee, I want this phone(mix 3). Please reply back if this is available. In case if its not available, can we get the prototype / developer edition. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

45# 2018-4-21 06:58:46
i'm a developer of custom rom can i have one of this to try and give you some advice?

46# 2018-4-21 14:51:24
bander replied at 2018-2-5 10:52
thanks for your option and advice. then do you like design of Doogee V, I can reveal a little info ...

It was nkt suppose to be P60

47# 2018-4-21 14:52:15
bander replied at 2018-2-5 10:59
what do you think of Doogee V design?

10/10 for design

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48# 2018-4-24 03:50:22
When will this be out
49# 2018-5-22 10:19:08
I like the camera idea VERY MUCH, as long as the camera (AND FLASH, THIS IS IMPORTANT) is really good quality (good low light performance MUCH more important than fake megapixel counts). Take a nice, STEADY (optical stabilization helps here) picture with low light and we'll be happy even if it is 8Mpx.

My ideal phone is pretty much like the one I'm using now (MIX LITE), but:
-5.2" FULL screen, no borders, totally bezeless
-Fingerprint on the back, under the camera i.e.
-32GB of flash minimum. SD card support is nice. Or 64GB and then not even SD card support is needed.
-Good battery/battery life. Processor doesn't need to be "ultra fast", a SOC with good radio, decent performance and nice power consumption is MUCH preferred to a fast thing that eats power, needs a larger battery which makes for a heavier/bulkier phone.
-Better cameras (or cameras if front and back are separate). Front camera also needs a flash PLUS needs to flash the whole screen white at full light output when taking selfies.

The Doogee mix lite is almost perfect except:
-Fingerprint reader not that good and takes space in bezel
-A little bit heavy
-Cameras are not too good.
-Only has 16GB flash. This to me is the biggest problem. Need to use a SD card which adds to cost, power usage (and even a bit of weight and size, of course).
-No software updates. Already encountered bugs and freezes, already had to factory reset phone once. No updating means that problems google/android fixes in newer versions are not carried on to the Mix Lite.
On the plus side:
-Size is good. I will not consider a phone any larger than this. Phones nowadays are WAY WAY WAY WAY too large. 5.2" square screen is the best size. Resolution is not that important. Screen/size ratio is acceptable on the Mix. Of course, it can always use less bezels ...
-Battery duration is good enough.
-Speed etc is fine.

Manufacturers keep trying to sell features users don't really want, like 3 cameras or 6GB of RAM. We all know Android runs fine with 2/3GB of RAM and I will never consider a phone with more than 3GB of RAM better than one with just 3. It's only marketing, we all know that. Same with screen pixel counts: 1080p is perfectly fine for ANY size screen, even less if it's under 6". Also, battery numbers that are not real and don't translate into battery life performance. A 3000mah battery is fine if the SOC/screen/etc don't draw too much juice and unit is allowed to run plain Android w/o pre-installed bloatware.

Anyway, still looking for the "perfect phone", but I have to say the Mix Lite is close. And would be even closer if they came out with the exact same design and just upgrade the flash to 32GB and the firmware to vanilla Android 8 version!!
50# 2018-6-16 22:39:36
bander replied at 2018-2-5 10:54
Could you please tell us why do you think so, and do you have some idea about what design would be ...

This camera its good idea, its really interesting! Tell me when you will anounce mix 3?! I want to change my phone for it, but i dont know how long people need to w8? I surf all the internet for date or some information about release, but there is nothing even about a month when we can preorder or smthng
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