The lack off service and product quality control Doogee products

Started By: Rene Started On: 2018-2-11 23:23:51
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Hello ,
Why isthe update Doogee-s60-android7.0_20170928_20180105-1640 ( size 62,40 Mb ) stilstanding on your servers the update doesn’t work it’s crashes every time even the new updates can't be downloaded by OTA .
Just remove the update form your servers so no one can get a craschedupdate and your customer service or the lack off customer service isn’t anybeter for me , it’s the first and last time i purchased a Phone from DOOGEEbecause of the lack of service just bring out a update that works and solve allthe problems like poor audio sound , notifications that disappear in the topoff your screen , notifications that come too late for more than 4 hours or days likewhatapp just fix it please and no promises you can’t keep .
And the quality control off the products is as bad as the software updates too many products have too many hardware problems.
Andwhen i am on the internet and i touch the fingerprintsensor it automaticillyopen’s the keyboard that may not happen it’s only for fingerprint reading not for other Options for the fingerprintsensor fix this as well and for allthe problems i will have i send you a email so you can fix it because at thistime the Softwareis shit too many problems .
IAlways wipe the cache before installing a update and i follow the advice they give me and still i can’t install the update just bring out a good and newupdate that works and can be downloaded by OTA like a new update too android 8.0 oreo instead of small Unimportant updatesthat don’t work and cause more problems and are shit and come with a goodsolution for the problems.

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You can also try to

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Try to do a systemrestore before updating, for me the update 7.0_20170928_20180105-1640 works very well without any problems. You can also try to remove your SD card if you have one.

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Hi Rene. Have you followed through and tried this advice at the end of the thread about how to eject the SD card properly and update? Give it a try!
Worked great for me and others. ... ptid=3626&pid=28692

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Godraw replied at 2018-2-12 08:21
Hi Rene. Have you followed through and tried this advice at the end of the thread about how to eject ...

Hi Godraw ,

Thanks for the advice it worked and installed all the updates and set my SD card as a stand alone instead off system memory.

5# Yesterday 2018-2-14 09:49:42
Happy it worked for you !
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