Unboxing video of S60 Lite

Started By: bander Started On: 2018-3-26 16:18:03
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2# 2018-5-6 22:07:36

I just got my S60 lite and according to advertisment it comes with a set of apps for barometer, measurements, etc.
Mine hasn't got any apps other than basic Google apps.

is there a place to download and install?

Also do you have a user guide with more details than just pluging and charging?

3# 2018-8-6 16:54:29
I have my doogee s60 for 6 months mow. My son droit it end the phone fell in the water. When I got it out of the water I found water got inside even do all the rubbers to hold the water out were closed property.  Now the phone is not working anymore. It das not charge. How can this be fixed?
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