Happy World Book Day!

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Do you like reading? Have you read some quotes which make you feel moving, shocking or inspiring?I'm not a bookworm but I like collecting quotes and poems. Today is the right time to share it

If I should meet thee
After long years,
How should I greet thee?
With silence and tears.
Sometimes accompanied ,sometimes alone, stay awesome all the time.

Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss.
But every once in a while you find someone who's iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.

I love three things in this world,
the sun ,the moon and you.
The sun for the day,
the moon for the night,
and you for ever

We laughed and kept saying "see u soon",
but inside we both knew we'd never see each other again

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

Do you have some to share?

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2# 2018-4-23 19:56:17
The Doogee V though

3# 2018-4-23 20:22:24
I am always in the middle of some book. But I'm not a poetic person and I don't memorize fine quotes. My spouse could anwer this better, she writes poems herself too. The kind of books that I read don't really have that much nice quotes anyway. Mostly I read either scientific books or just plain old suspense.

The V looks gorgeus in the photo, but I'm still thinking about buying a e-Ink reader.

4# 2018-4-24 23:04:09
Everything collapses,
It disappears
When the dust has settled,
I see what remains
I usually dance in rain,
because I know it will be okay
but sometimes I feel afraid of the future
Enjoy everything
do everything too much rather than too little
But sometimes it seems empty when I doubt
Feel Job with the questions he asked
Friends who called me so from a different suit to brother
all those opinions I know it is love
but everything I let go I am afraid to lose
so I give a hundred
Life without rest in my thunder
One day it is all over
so storm me
And at the same time I think
already enjoy
Grab your little girl and not 100 in love
Because soon it will all be over then what?
I want God, my family and the rest second rank
So I call her and say love I'll see you later
Thank God for every blessing he gave
If everything collapses and you ask where is God
If I do not hear anything, I would become a child
Would I be quiet?
Would I trust the father?
Could I stick to his words?
Is all pressure then from the boiler?
No need, no rules, no penalty but life
But everything is black until the dust comes down
The light shines again, but much stronger than before
In fact, I notice it now
How much I attached myself to the security
and how that hampered me
and then comes the realization
this is a question of trust
a matter of not holding
I think of the wedding day and keep it still
stuck to the day I saw you being born
around me it becomes empty
I thank God for the best that I received
Seize the day
tomorrow is not given
What would I do if I had one day to live?
No theater or cheap centiment
Just invit, stand still with who you are
Would I kill the time to stay in bed?
Let time ticking away until death
Or would I get up to see the sun rise
To take my last breath in the sun's rays
Would I break my hand on the wall?
Because I am embarrassed by a life without fire?
I would be less negligent
and they are not important for me?
Would I cry with my friends?
Shall I ease the pain of those who weep with my love?
and meet Jesus separately from all must
finally greet him?
as slaves free feet?
The light
the light that never disappears
The light
that always shines on me

5# 2018-4-24 23:12:15
I have a postcard at home
on which a church, a cart with a horse,
a butchershop,
A pub, a lady on the bike,
it probably does not tell you anything,
but it is where I was born.
This village, I remember how it was,
the peasant children in the classroom,
a cart that rattles on the boulders,
the town hall with a pump in front of it,
a dirt road between corn,
the cattle, the farms.

And along the garden path of my father
I saw the tall trees.
I was a child and did not know better,
then that would never pass.

What did they simply live then
in simp'le houses between green
with farm flowers and a hedge.
But apparently they lived wrong,
the village has been modernized
and now they are on the right track.
For see how rich life is,
they see the television quiz
and live in concrete boxes,
with a lot of glass, you can see
how or the couch is at the neighbors
and d'r dresser with plastic roses.

The village youth is a bit together
in miniskirt and beatle-hair
and joins some of the beat-music.
I know, it's their right,
the new time, just what you say,
but it makes me a bit melancholy.
I still knew their fathers
they bought liquorice for a penny
I saw their mothers skipping rope.
That village from then, it's over,
this is all that remained for me:
a picture and memories.

When I passed my father's garden path
the tall trees still stood.
I was a child, how could I know
that would pass forever.
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