Happy Mother's Day -- Capture the moment with mother

Started By: bander Started On: 2018-5-13 21:41:41
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Who is the one that cares you most? I guess the answer is your mother. We are growing up and may had our own kids. But our my mom is getting older. The most cold-blooded killer is the time, he takes everything no matter how much we like it.
The only thing we can do is to cherish the moment. Today is Mother's Day, maybe we can capture the moment with mom and show our love to her.
2# 2018-10-23 19:53:43
My two high school boys, hand make a Mother's Day card. The give their cards to my wife, their mother. They have done this from a very young age. And my wife has *every* card. No store bought gift could top this.

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3# 2018-11-1 18:56:27
Yes, Mother Day is such an important and meaningful day to me and my mom, so I always try to prepare a special gift for her. If you guys get stuck and don't know what you will do for your mom, visit here https://iprice.vn/xu-huong/cam-nang-mua-sam/5-y-tuong-lam-qua-diy-doc-dao-va-y-nghia-tang-ngay-cua-me-2018/
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