AliExpress & DOOGEE Branding Day: not only lower price but also coupons

Started By: bander Started On: 2018-5-15 22:03:59
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This month, DOOGEE will come to the 5th anniversary of their brand. And from 16th to 17th of May, DOOGEE will be one of the feature brands on In order to thanks for the fans’ support. Big coupons and up to 25% discount will be offered only in these two days!  
If you are planning to get a new phone, don't miss the chance!
Click >>HERE<< to learn more

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2# 2018-5-15 22:14:56
good news

3# 2018-5-30 23:16:38
Queria saber se vocês têm o display do doogee mix?
Estou desesperado pra trocar o meu..
E por enquanto aqui no Brasil eu ainda achei em nem um lugar pra trocar!
Me ajudem aí pois eu já estou com o celular desde a pré venda.. eu acho que eu fui um dos primeiros brasileiro a comprar a marca de vocês.
Eu também quero dizer que vocês estão de parabéns pelos seus smartphones

4# 2018-6-8 13:16:49
Don't buy these phones, they come with built in viruses that cant be removed !!!

5# 2018-6-8 15:42:30
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fb_XSQtT29 répondu à 2018-6-8 06:16
Ne pas acheter ces téléphones, ils viennent avec des virus intégrés qui ne peuvent pas être enlevés!

Tu parles sans savoirJe suis très tres content de mon S60
Thanks you DOOGEE {:4_157:}
6# 2018-10-17 13:16:23
The Doogee BL9000 runs Android 8.1 and the DoogeeOS form 2.0. Except for a couple of tweaked images and minor changes, overall the OS is unadulterated Android Oreo. The framework runs easily and offers everything that clients know about from other Android cell phones. It is conceivable to utilize a SD card, however it can't be designed as inside capacity, nor would it be able to be utilized to store applications.

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7# 2018-11-16 20:57:45
Bom dia ,comprei um doogee s55 e ele chegou aqui pra mim com defeito ,ele pedia pra fazer o reset e não concluía a operação, enviei o celular pra loja onde comprei ,o vendedor falou que me enviaria outro pra mim , ele ja recebeu o celular ,mas agora ele não me responde mas e nem me mandou outro celular ,parece ser um aparelho muito bom mas eu me desanimei com a doogee ,não recebi outro aparelho e nem fui reembolsado, estou me sentindo lesado com a doogee ...

8# 2018-11-16 21:00:35
Gostaria que algum representante da doogee visse o meu problema e me ajudasse obrigado

9# 2018-11-22 21:39:57
An Indiegogo # 7 update email says that they have already completely completed sending S70 to all supporters, however, I have not yet received any tracking number or track of my contribution ID # 538 in the name of Mauro Rafael Velasco Rodríguez (

They say that they have already sent all the equipment to their respective homes but I still do not have a tracking number, how can that be possible?

In previous emails I asked them to send my benefit ID # 538 via DHL, but I do not see any information about it, I demand that you send me TRACKING NUMBER.

What's going on?

They do not answer me in the support area, and we are many supporters in INDIEGOGO that we have this problem, please help us, you have get this email to your superiors and know what is happening, we need, in some cases we demand reimbursement and in others like mine send me my tracking number.
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