401# 2020-5-9 03:47:13
Hey all friends
I need update for android s60?

402# 2020-5-9 15:39:58
Alguem tem a ROM para o DOOGEE S60 MT6757T?

403# 2020-5-14 10:53:34
Mirrage318 replied at 2020-4-1 21:53
Also only did firmware upgrade under sp flash

hola bro y tienes la forma para actualizar el android? estoy harto de las fallas que trae el equipo
404# 2020-6-3 03:59:26
elfje4life replied at 2018-8-23 09:18
Yea i know man i fixed mine to reset to factory then the first reboot fillout nothing Just get the ...

I am also having the same issue. My s60 crashes whenever I unplug it from charger and play something processing hungry or sometime just after I unplug. In the meanwhile the battery is fully charged. Seems to me like battery connection is loose or something. Now I cannot use it. Any other solution please.
405# 2020-6-3 07:59:06
Mirrage318 replied at 2020-4-1 21:42
its the DOOGEE-S60-Android 8.0 (9.2) + TWRP + ROOT_Final from Heameak......I only tried cause i got  ...

Hi Mirrage
Thanks. Can you share the direct link I cannot understand the language. Also, I used the flash data on page 7, 8 or 9 and my cell is black after that.
406# 2020-6-3 08:01:40
ulli replied at 2018-8-29 15:50

Hi Ulli
I am new to this and I tried to flash my phone with the data on this link. It is black now. Maybe I bricked it. Any suggestion please!!
407# 2020-6-5 04:38:04
fb_bOfOC18 replied at 2018-10-22 16:56
After several days using Oreo ROM that Svenson puts the link, this is my impressions:
- System seem ...

Hi Eclair
I tried to flash with a roam (link was given on page 9). Its black after that. Any suggestion or if I used the wrong scatter, please.
Looking forward and thanks in anticipation.

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408# 2020-6-5 11:29:43
junaidahmad replied at 2020-6-5 04:38
Hi Eclair
I tried to flash with a roam (link was given on page 9). Its black after that. Any sugge ...

write your model in private messages to me, I will try to find you the firmware

409# 2020-6-10 16:36:11
This is all just a bad joke! No SUPPORT.. Just chatting!!!

410# 2020-6-22 22:44:12
42 pages and still without update... People want New Android for the best phone ever.. The inmortal S60
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