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The issue of battery life has been a perrenial problem for mobile phone users. We all want to charge our phones in a second and use it forever but we all know that's not gonna happen, well at least not now. I'm pretty sure that we all must have noticed at some point that a phone we bought say like a year ago or more doesn't quite store energy as efficiently as it used to on day one. The older the device the less power it seems to have. Now, most mobile phones use lithium-ion batteries for energy storage. In this type of battery, lithium metal and lithium ions move in and out of individual electrodes, causing them to expand and contract. I know this is getting a little technical guys but stay with me. Unfortunately though this processes are not reversible, well at least not completely anyways and this gets worse as the CHARGE AND DISCHARGE cycle grows. To make matters worse, the electrolyte that connects the electrodes also degrades throughout these cycles.
The ability of our batteries to store charge depends on the extent of their degradation and this degradation in turn is a function of the charge and discharge cycles it undergoes. Through the simple steps below users can minimise this degradation and extend their battery life

1. Control battery discharge, in a nutshell try the avoid the 0% battery mark
2. Extend charging time and try to reduce the number of times you have to charge your device.
3. Keep the temperature of your device just right

It should be noted that all these listed above can be easily achieved with a really powerful device like the BL9000. It possesses a monster of a battery and hence you don't have to go through several charge and recharge cycles and its power efficient chip really aids in its temperature management. Take care of your phones guys, it deserves your care after serving you.

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