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Started By: uzunchev Started On: 2018-7-13 13:29:01
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Hi, my doogee s60 charge very slowly, 50 % about 6-7 hours with wireless charger, or wired , with orgiginal doogee charger. How to fix that.

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For me with:
Wireless about 6-7h : 70% (0-70% or 30-100%)
Wired about 5h: 100% (0-100%)

3# 2018-7-13 18:36:30
do you now why is so slow?

4# 2018-9-18 14:42:29
Same issue here... did a factory reset, still charging very slow... and the battery lasts maybe a full day.

5# 2018-9-18 14:43:26
I want to add to the above, that the battery lasts maybe a full day without touching the phone itself...

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7# 2018-9-20 15:56:14
New USB cables, original cables and charger tested. Ampere application shows it is charging with max 0.8A, while the "best" charger is maxed out at 2A. Tested with other phones.
tinypic.com /r/s0zu2p/9
tinypic.com /r/2u9pxfl/9
tinypic.com /r/2csjipz/9

8# 2018-10-13 08:15:54
Hi, a couple of days ago and I noticed my phone was also charging slowly,(tried with multiple charges wires and multiple QI chargers also) and only getting about 10 life hours on a full charge.
No app appears to be draining the battery at least according to the battery part of the settings, the only things that appear on the list as screen Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adding to a total of only 10%
I tried a couple of third party task manager apps, to see if there was anything running in the background that was not showing in the battery section of settings. Nothing unexpected showed up
I Install the HW monitor app originally to check the health of the battery, but while in their I've noticed the CPU doesn't gounder 80% utilisation.
I was going to try factory reset tomorrow, are they reading this comment for it makes me think it's unlikely to help.

Anyone know if there's any where to report this has I think idling at 80% CPU utilisation he's definitely a bug.

9# 2018-10-13 08:16:56
I forgot to login before posting, so thought I best make it quick reply climbing the post above.

10# 2018-10-18 16:46:24
I have the same problem and it is very annoying and frustrating. Can anyone help
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