How to dry a wet phone

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There is a widespread internet myth that if you drop your mobile phone into water, you must put it in a plastic bag with plenty of rice in order to dry it out. Well, if you believe in this you might just as well believe in Santa Claus. Let me explain you why…

It is true that rice is able to absorb a lot of water. When you cook rice you need about twice the amount of water than you have rice. But it is not a very good idea to cook you phone with the rice. Cold rice is not nearly as good at absorbing water. You might now say that the amount of water that needs to be absorbed from a phone is so tiny that a large amount of cold rice can do it. Maybe it can, but it is not the most efficient way of doing it. If you don’t believe me, just try it yourself. Pour a little bit of water in two different places on a table. Then try to dry the other spot with a cup full of rice and the other with a paper towel. I’m sure you’ll notice the difference.

The other point to notice is that rice is only able to absorb water that it gets into contact with. And the problem you have is the water inside your phone. You cannot get rice inside the phone so the only way to get the rice in contact with the water is to let it evaporate out. But what do you need the rice for once the water is already out of the phone? Just think a little!

So don’t use rice for drying things, go ahead and eat it.

What should you do if you get your phone wet? The first thing to do is to remove the battery if possible. If not possible, at least turn off the phone. Then take it to a repair shop where they will open it, dry it and clean it. But that will cost you and you might not want to pay that much for a drying of an old Doogee phone and you’d rather try something yourself.

Wipe all the water away from the surface of the phone. Open the back cover if possible. Remove sim card and memory card and all plugs and everything that comes loose easily. After that the phone needs three things: heat, air and time. The more heat it gets, the less time it takes to dry. But there are limits to the amount of heat it can take. If the battery is in the phone, I wouldn’t go higher than 50C. Without battery you might want to heat it some more. You could put it in an oven, especially if it has a fan inside to rotate the air. You could also use a hair dryer. Or just place the phone in sunlight or some other warm place. And wait. And then wait some more. Days, not hours!

Even if you get the phone all dried, it might have been damaged so that it will not start any more. And even if it starts, it may fail later on. The impurities of the water may cause corrosion and oxidation in time. Especially salty seawater can leave damaging residue on the electronics.

And finally, no matter if your phone is marketed with IP68 capabilities or whatever, the best advice I can give you is keep it dry! There are better equipement specially designed for underwater usage than any mobile phone.
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I did not realize that rice could really drag the wetness out of your telephone. I have a companions whose child tossed her mobile phone into a bathtub filled of water. I am going to pass this piece of writing and experts assignment help beside to her so she can attempt and get well her telephone.
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