DOOGEE S70 & S80 MIL-STD-810G Test

Started By: bander Started On: 2018-9-19 09:47:09
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2# 2018-9-19 12:57:51
good to see such things but expect same quality in production and after sale and in software handling
3# 2018-9-30 03:45:50

y6c and other models of your smartphones have malware in stock firmware ... ead&tid=5241&extra=

and people must know true.

4# 2018-9-30 04:32:56
e7282154@nwytg. replied at 2018-9-30 03:45
y6c and other models of your smartphones have malware in stock firmware ...

... and repeating the same thing over and over again is just as bad as malware..

Personally, I have not had any malware whatsoever in my Doogee, but sorted out someone else's Doogee that did, but was caused by a third-party launcher that they had installed themselves, which infected the stock containers.

But seriously, stop with the repeated messages in every thread as people will ned up just ignoring you.
5# 2018-9-30 04:35:18
Edited by e7282154@nwytg. at 2018-9-30 04:48

ок ок i just want clear firmware from them. company ignoring of own clients and it's really bad.
they know about problem but do nothing to fix it. maybe they do something but were results? where fota updates with fixing malware?

why other brands like xiaomi, miezu, zte or huawai dont have problems like that. even if they have it than companies fix it. and i think that people must to know before buy. even a little part of buyers

6# 2019-2-2 08:17:08
Can You swim with S70?
So not dive but shallow swimming, on a surface of water for 30-60 min??
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