BL7000 WiFi problems

Started By: fb_gM4zP75 Started On: 2018-11-1 03:25:49
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My phone keeps losing the WiFi connection on different routers in different houses. The software is up to date. It still shows connected in the status bar. Any advice please

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2# 2018-11-1 14:15:57
Try resetting factory settings

3# 2018-12-6 04:10:31
fb_DKmbO38 replied at 2018-11-1 14:15
Try resetting factory settings

This worked for a week and then it happened again

4# 2018-12-7 01:28:14
Any further suggestions

5# 2019-1-29 10:00:43
Edited by javsas64 at 2019-1-29 10:17

I also have a BL7000 with that problem. What I saw is that the WiFi and Bluetooth should not be on at the same time. If this is the case, just turn off the Bluetooth on your phone and the WiFi will work properly. One more thing, another peculiarity of the BL7000 is that it does not maintain a single MAC address, it changes it constantly, at least that happens on my phone. If your WiFi requires MAC address you will have the problem of switching constantly...
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