[Discuss] What do you think of the Walkie-talkie Module

Started By: bander Started On: 2018-12-7 15:07:58
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Here is another module for S90. It's a walkie-talkie module. I think it's for professional people as well as the night-vision camera.
For example, if you like to do outdoor activities and go to some places where no signal, you may need one module.
I haven't got more info about this module yet. I'd like to listen to you and know what you want to know.
Are you interested in it? Why or why not

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2# 2018-12-7 15:37:28
In my opinion, these modules are really needed by a certain circle of specialists, for example, rescue services. An ordinary user can come in handy extra battery. But this is just my opinion.

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3# 2018-12-8 04:32:08
During calamities it could help a lot
Or let say a team is going to remote area for some activities or some construction work its a great use

So best audience for this is such people not the general audiences

Also it would be great if the addittional battery and antenna able to be connected together  
4# 2019-1-7 17:28:16
I would think it would be even more useful as a Software Defined Radio.
For example:  In the emergency situation as mentioned elsewhere in this thread being able to form a small network on site would be helpful.
If a building had collapsed an engineer could transfer a copy of the blueprints to the building to rescue workers.

TLDR: SDR with networking and file sharing

5# 2019-2-23 18:25:25
I just wish that theres an upgrade make it multi band vhf/uhf upto 800mhz for wide range of use

6# 2019-2-26 01:25:59
for work ,this can be an extra value

7# 2019-3-12 04:40:11
Interesting!! What is the range of the appliance? In the ad it says "long distance", but how much?

8# 2019-3-21 05:01:58
Please Please make this VHF compatible as well! As part of Search and Rescue this would be invaluable and in any maritime situation the only band used is VHF. Please consider making this upgradable/optional VHF frequencies for all the emergency response workers out there like myself.
9# 2019-4-13 23:44:45
Trying to pair it with a Baofeng S888.  Not having any success.  Has anyone done this?  THis is why I bought the phone.
10# 2019-4-14 04:13:05
skunkherder replied at 2019-4-13 23:44
Trying to pair it with a Baofeng S888.  Not having any success.  Has anyone done this?  THis is why  ...

Got it worked out.  Hit me up if you need answers for Baofeng 888s
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