S90 Oreo update?

Started By: Psychotic_one Started On: 2019-4-8 04:10:00
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Just wondering if the S90 model was in the process of getting a firmware update. Most 2019 phones have Android 9 Oreo now.

2# 2019-4-8 18:52:12
heard on the grapevine that they are gonna make an updated version of the phone itself, with the new helio p70 cpu which will come with Oreo.
dunno what this means for possibility of being able to upgrade the current helio p60 version of the s90 to oreo with a root flash.

3# 2019-4-9 21:58:07
oups my post are deleted!!  hahahaha    censure

4# 2019-5-8 20:46:27
Edited by moxlas at 2019-5-8 20:51

DOOGEE has been promising to post an update on 9.0 since before March, but no mention yet, so it seems we would get no Pie on S90...

5# 2019-5-15 13:08:36
6# 2019-7-21 19:02:31
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7# 2019-7-23 14:24:06
la solucion de doogee otro telefono s90 pro

8# 2019-8-2 17:23:14
Dont think thete will be an update to oreo for the s90 in order to push the s90pro.

That ssid, the finally released a patch but just reports "minor bug fixed" without details

Wireless Update
New version
Update Information
Version number: DOOGEE_S90_Android8.1-20190629_20190629-1831
Version size:145.50 MB
Release date: 2019-06-29

1 .Minor bug fixes

Once you select Update now, your device will power off and enter into the Recovery Mode. The update process may take a few minutes, please make sure your battery is charged to at least 30%. Download(145MB)3:24

9# 2019-8-3 01:37:19
Guest 107.77.220.x replied at 2019-8-2 17:23
Dont think thete will be an update to oreo for the s90 in order to push the s90pro.

That ssid, the ...

yo soy de mexico, y esa actualizacion me saio hoy 2 de agosto, pero ledoy actualizazar y solo parpadea y me regresa a la ventanna anterior, y no hace nada.

alguien le sucede lo mismo, o ya pudieron aplicar ese parche que al parecer es lo unico que obtendremos.

10# 2019-8-3 18:43:37
lohez replied at 2019-8-3 01:37
yo soy de mexico, y esa actualizacion me saio hoy 2 de agosto, pero ledoy actualizazar y solo parp ...

Hmm, that is odd. I haven't tried to install/apply the uodate/patch until i find information on what its actually "patching" if it is patching anything at all. I dont believe it is othere than changing the version number and patch date but that's just my thoughts based on what im noticing the phone to oddly atart doing aince the upcoming US electios have started.

I believe this phones unpatched OS exploits are being exploited based on some triggers done/viewed. I locked down all the apps and removed/disabled permissions that arent necessary for aome apps to work, ie.the wireless update, the launcher and a few other questionable factory apps,ibdis that since day one and now a few months later during US elections, i hear echoes on all vooce calling and data use during the calls started (wireless (voip) calling is off. I do know that some of the factory apps have been flagged as suspicious in the past.

Over all, device is subpar/not good at all per my standards. Really hoping a legit root is done for this device so i van get rid of the load or before the Asus ROG Phone II comes our, thats will ne my next device. And will trash/sell this s90 junk. My BlackBerry PRIV is still better than this s90. I actually had high hopes for the s90.
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