S90 having multiple problems after just a few months

Started By: fb_tzdcQ24 Started On: 2019-7-25 23:46:20
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My S90 that I've received from kickstarter has few issues. 1 problem is the charging via USB c port. I've tried multiple different USB c cords after making sure the original doogee cord isnt defective but end up being the same. It seems like the connection or metal frame inside my S90 has gotten loose and is further inside the charging port making it difficult for any USB c cable be able to charge. When I am able to have connection with the charging port, it charges the S90 extremely slow and I would have to tilt the tip of the USB c cord for the S90 to give me the notification that is charging even then after a few minutes I check and see that it isn't anymore. You know how frustrating it is to find out your phones wasn't charging when you wake up for work the next day..

2nd is that one of the speakers on the back of the S90 doesn't work and the one that does work sounds likely it has a high pitch crackling nose when ever any sound is playing.

3rd is at random the touch screen on the S90 doesn't sense me tapping or swiping at all. I would have to push the power button to lock screen and push it again to finally get a response from the touch screen.

Lastly I ordered my s90 with only a gamepad and now I've tried looking into buying the power module but am not able to find out where to even order it at. I was told I would be able to get  the modules separately.

2# 2019-7-28 06:04:18
Same here my s90 quite often just freezes completely and when I look it only has around 200mb ram left so I have to turn it off then on to clear it down .... I've tried altering the white list and clearing the ram manually to no avail, it seems to be worse after it did a small update about a month ago

3# 2019-7-30 16:17:49

Pls contact with this E-mail : support-service@doogee.cc. They help you, thank you

4# 2019-8-3 18:50:01
Keep us posted on if the support actuall helps you on that issue. Im starting to experience the screen not responding to all touches. In fact i turned on show touches just to xonfirm i actuall do touch the screen ans the de device clearly see the touch but nothing happens.

Thia juat proves ita a aoftware issue and they need to fully patch this Device qith the lateat updates vs trying to pich out a new version of it.

5# 2020-1-20 00:27:15

My father and my brother have Doogee S90 and both are experiencing the touchscreen not responding issue, as described you touch the screen the smartphone doesn't respond. If you put the screen to sleep by touching the right button and wake it up with the same button the problem disappear.
They are both less than 1 year smartphones.

Any news on how to correct this?

best regards

6# 2020-1-24 05:51:16
Same here..i have highlighted the issue earlier via post but no one agreed...i need to press power key in order to touch screen to work...it software issue...but make a habit for this as they wont do anything.. Its doogee

7# 2020-1-24 05:54:38
Touch issue Is with me as well...always have to press power key in order tO work...it is so irritating... I often lose pubg match due to this...THIS IS LAST DOOGEE DEVICE ..they do not respond...

8# 2020-1-24 05:58:57
Also, I can confirm that it is bug with their os as i have done Fdr and even flashed the software (rooted) as well, still same issue..i

9# 2020-1-31 12:51:45
My Doogee S90 was checked with 5 different USB type C cables and two other power connectors. The outcome was the same.The expert checked  both connector and firmware, all possible cables and a lot of chargers. The conclusion was the same -  the USB type C unit of the telephone Doogee S90 is dead at the very beginning of exploitation. The Doogee was contacted 6 times and the seller was contacted 8 times. The Doogee and Amazon play the game, called "fool" - they show with finger to one another. When a client applies to the supplier Amazon, the Amazon says"you must contact the producer Doogee". When the client applies to the producer Doogee, the Doogee reply "you must contact the supplier Amazon". So which side is fool in this game? The client, Doogee or Amazon?

10# 2020-2-17 22:17:58
The same issue with touchscreen not responing on s90
Support is useless , they only suggest factory reset. No more doogee
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