S90 Self killed (won't turn on)

Started By: Tazusp Started On: 2019-8-15 03:07:31
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My doogee S90 was delivered by DealExtreme just two months ago.

It was siting at my jacket pocket, for about an hour, and now it do not turn on or anything.

I tried to force shut down, by holding power button for many seconds, holding power button + volume up, and any other combination, nope, it does nothing.

I tried charging it, nope, it do not respond.

I tried attaching it at its power module, nope, it do not connect to it, or gives any signal.

I tried plugin it on my computer, my computer does give me two times de sound of plugin and unplugging usb device, but no signal from the S90.

Does any body have any clues in what way I can resurrect it?

2# 2019-8-15 06:45:05
I would send it back for a replacement
3# 2019-8-15 17:23:33
Al estar en garantía lo mejor es poner una disputa al vendedor. Si has pagado con PayPal, manda un correo al vendedor, si no te contesta, entonces ponte en contacto con PayPal, para que el medie entre ambos. Saca fotos de todo lo que has puesto, como presionando los botones el móvil no responde.
Al ser todo terreno no tendría que ha ver muerto de esa manera.
Si no has pagado por PayPal, manda un correo al vendedor a ver que te responde, manda con el correo las fotos y pide devolución del dinero, tendrás que devolver el móvil, y si eso comprar tú otro. Si le pides otro móvil nuevo, te puede tardar más de 5 meses, es mucho tiempo para esperar.

4# 2019-8-16 19:41:32
Edited by Tazusp at 2019-8-16 19:44

Yeah, I applied to replace it at DealExtreme.

But I was hoping that I could fix by my self. It will take months until it is delivered and sent back and by that I am going to need to buy a  replacement phone.

It was a good phone until it worked.

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