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Big battery smartphone will kill power bank? Make a comment and let me know your point.

2# 2019-8-24 18:22:10
Más servicio y atención al cliente .....
Menos noticias que luego el servicio técnico se hace el sordo, no sabe o no le costa los problemas.

3# 2019-8-25 00:49:18
No voy a repetir lo que ha expuesto el compañero...

¿Pero que se puede esperar de una empresa de telefonía que cada dos o tres meses saca un nuevo modelo de teléfono móvil?

Preocupense de actualizar sus dispositivos que todavía no tienen 2 años, preocupense de solucionar o asesorar a los problemas que tienen los clientes que compraron un teléfono móvil Doogee y no encuentran solución por que no existe el servicio de atención al cliente.


I will not repeat what the partner has stated ...

But what can you expect from a telephone company that takes out a new mobile phone model every two or three months?

Be careful to update your devices that are not yet 2 years old, worry about solving or advising the problems that customers have that bought a Doogee mobile phone and find no solution because there is no customer service.


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4# 2019-8-25 12:31:10
I would like to receive answers from technical support, and not look for a solution on third-party resources.
Have access to stock firmware.
Get updates to old (and not so old) phone models

5# 2019-8-25 14:53:53
Sure, I think they will because when you've a Doogee big battery phone that can last up to two days then you've enough battery power to last you before you need to charge the phone again by which time you'd have gotten a good electricity supply which would allow you to have little or no need for a powerbank.

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6# 2019-8-26 19:27:24
Enough making new mobiles pls make the customers feel worth of what they buy
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