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2# 2019-11-9 03:12:22
Был X5 max pro, сейчас S60. Хочу S68pro.
3# 2019-12-23 22:54:58
My Doogee S68 Pro after 1 day of use, the screen turns black. The power can turn on but keep blinking with grey light only. Are You able to provide firmware for S68 Pro?

4# 2020-1-13 10:16:08
mkalinych replied at 2019-11-9 03:12
Был X5 max pro, сейчас S60. Хочу S68pro.

Cool, I love Dphone.

5# 2020-1-27 23:09:15
sylvester134 replied at 2019-12-23 22:54
My Doogee S68 Pro after 1 day of use, the screen turns black. The power can turn on but keep blinkin ...

My doogee s68 lasted one day as well and then turned itself off and then on and kept doing it. Tried a factory reset and now have a moving colored circle and say's erasing but still goes off and on. Has been like this for over a week. i cannot get a reply from anyone in China nor any suggestions for a cure !! Very strange as seems like it could be a nice phone but no good if only last one day. Pat.

6# 2020-2-12 01:25:38
Dear DOOGEE. I bought a Doogee S68Pro phone. I live in Russia. I liked the phone. I set the Russian language in the settings, but not all menu items have been translated. You can change the firmware so that all menu items are in Russian. I’m even ready to help you with this. Have a nice day. Waiting for an answer.

7# 2020-2-12 06:21:54
Tengo un equipo doogee S68 Pro, esta retenido en aduanas de mi pais y me piden manual tecnico y codigo FCC Id alguien sabe ese codigo porque no lo encuentro en la caja ni en lo fisico del equipo
Ayuda con esa informacion

agradesco su tiempo

8# 2020-2-13 15:40:13
Edited by Danieland at 2020-2-13 08:46

Hello, the S68 pro is supposed to be compatible with galileo satellites but is nothing… !! it does not fix them.In addition, some applications that I deactivate (chrome, youtube ...) reactivate by themselves, same thing on the S95 ...
The start-up sound is maddening.
I feel a good scam on this brand of phone or ... Mr. Doogee, maybe bugs ...?

In other words, my wife and I are starting to regret our purchase… !!!


9# 2020-5-15 00:38:05
Edited by ski at 2020-5-15 00:40

Hi! I need some help with my S68Pro. I have a trouble with battery after march update (20200317_20200317-1619): before this update my phone worked for at least three days from a single charge, while the battery consumption schedule was relatively flat. After update the battery is used unevenly. Some time more than 15 persents can go away during one hour when the phone is in sleep mode. So, now I need to charge my phone every day. I can see nothin wrong in battery statistics for this moment.
Tell me please, how can I  solve this problem? May be new firmware?
Exсuse me for my bad English, my native language is python
Thank you!

10# 2020-5-15 04:09:34
ski replied at 2020-5-15 00:38
Hi! I need some help with my S68Pro. I have a trouble with battery after march update (20200317_2020 ...

ski, how long does your s68 work normally?
I bougt new s68 and after 2 weeks everything was black.
But I can charge the phone on wifi plate in car.
Have you tried with factory reset? (before that copy all data to cloud or some memory media)
And your English is not bad at all.
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