How to download and install Night Vision App

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If it isn't the three-proof mobile phone used in the industry, our ordinary mobile phone needs to download the APP on the mobile phone:
①USB camera Download Link:!vLY0AIjJ!Dz5Ab ... GAjud_4_61y9YWMSNPA

Password: !Dz5AbXC0WHsiwq11F6k18TxFGAjud_4_61y9YWMSNPA
Download  Link:!PfwwzSKZ!Ib5RU ... RAAA-Sp0hWJrFqwoE6A
Password: !Ib5RUbJRJd38K8oQRGT0SSIcRAAA-Sp0hWJrFqwoE6A
Two choice you can choose one of tnem
After downloading and installing, open the app and plug in the external night vision camera then can be used (some phones need to be turned on the developer option and open the USB debugging )
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That's great, if anyone could actually get a product they ordered... where is your customer service folk?

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