How Monitor & Manage Phone Battery Temperature To Enjoy Longer Battery Life

Started By: bolumstar Started On: 2020-2-26 22:56:15
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Most people think that when their phone feels very hot, that their battery is also very hot - True!
However, the heat that you feel from your smartphone could be coming from the CPU, GPU, Modem,
even the Display unit. On the other hand, Your phone battery could be as high as 40*C and your
The phone will be cool or slightly warm. But then 40*C is a high temperature for your phone to run on
for prolonged periods. This could deplete cell health by over 30% in one year.
In this Video: EFFECTS OF HIGH TEMPERATURE ON SMARTPHONE BATTERY I explained how to easily monitor and manage your battery temperature to get the best out of your battery life. I started with the effect of high temperature on Electric current and ended it with battery. An interesting watch!
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