Started By: fb_g9kd564 Started On: 2020-4-28 07:45:25
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I have been trying to be in touch with doogee customer services due to faults with my phone S95 PRO. I bought it in October and it arrived about the 20th December, and then by the end of January (about 24th or so) the phone speakers became distorted. When I tried to get in touch with doogee via email they never replied, so i contacted them via their facebook page messenger. they told me that the phone speakers need to be replaced when i asked about where to send it and about the covering cost they never replied, just their auto reply message. I had also shown them that i have been having problems with the back button intermittently working.  They just keep telling me that i have to make any faults known on this forum. The Customer service is terrible and i want a refund from them (which i also told them via the messenger) and  still no rely. I dont want this phone at all and cant seem to get my money back for it. If i can get any help on this it would be very much appreciated.

2# 2020-5-2 09:48:51
Estoi con el mismo problema que tú y con el mismo dispositivo, creo que es la calidad del altavoz, que es ridicula, en fin, lo único que haré al ver que no me contestan es no recomendar sus productos ni volver a gastar mi dinero en ellos.

3# 2020-6-11 11:36:28
Também estou com o mesmo problema, falantes distorcido

4# 2020-6-14 02:25:27
have any of you got your problems sorted yet?
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