• Leave your comment and win FREE BL9000

    Why we need a big battery phone? Why we need a fast charge phone? And what we can do and what you will do with a big battery phone? We'd like to listen to you. Leave your comments please and we ...
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  • AliExpress & DOOGEE Branding Day: not only lower price but also coupons

    This month, DOOGEE will come to the 5th anniversary of their brand. And from 16th to 17th of May, DOOGEE will be one of the feature brands on AliExpress.com. In order to thanks for the fans’ support ...
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  • Happy Mother's Day -- Capture the moment with mother

    Who is the one that cares you most? I guess the answer is your mother. We are growing up and may had our own kids. But our my mom is getting older. The most cold-blooded killer is the time, he takes ...
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  • Amazingly beautiful! 3D glass screen works with gradient color!

    I'm not sure if you have ever seen a phone with gradient color or not. But I'm sure you haven't met a phone with gradient color's 3D glass. The curved screen and gorgeous color, image it, it will be c ...
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  • Guess how long will it take to make BL9000 be fully charged

    I guess you all know the new BL series phone is BL9000. And the battery will be 9000 mAh.But do you know how long will it take to make it fully charged? Friendship tips: the output of BL9000 charger ...
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  • New BL series ----what do you think of the design?

    Hey guys, a few weeks ago, we guessed the name of new BL series, now the answer is clear: BL9000. Did you guess right? Today we'd like to show you the leather design of BL9000: the side and back o ...
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  • Mabri, Minister of Cote d'Ivoire, Visited DOOGEE

    Mabri Toikeusse Albert Abdallah is the President of regional council of Tonkpi, former Foreign Minister and Ambassador of the West Cultural Tourism Festival of The Republic of Cote d'Ivoir. The only p ...
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  • Best Time to Buy MIX & MIX 2, Best Price You Can Find

    No need to wait for Black Friday or other sale promotion activites. This is the best time to get a new MIX or MIX 2. $139.99 for MIX and $199.99 for MIX 2. Click >>HERE
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  • Happy World Book Day!

    Do you like reading? Have you read some quotes which make you feel moving, shocking or inspiring?I'm not a bookworm but I like collecting quotes and poems. Today is the right time to share it 1. ...
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  • [Pics & Video] DOOGEE V Dazzles Global Sources Electronics Show

    Every year Global Sources Electronics Show attracts a lot of companies all over the world to join and show their best products. And this time there are more than one thousand companies join the exhibi ...
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