• DOOGEE S70 is going to be released on INDIEGOGO

    Indiegogo is a famous international crowdfunding website, maybe Top 2 in the field. And DOOGEE is a growing brand with promising prospects. So they decide to have a cooperation: DOOGEE will release ...
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  • Take DOOGEE S70 to seaside

    OK, cameraman took the DOOGEE S70 to the seaside and took some pictures as you can see above. But I think it's too general I'd rather to see some test like below gif to test how far it ...
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  • Play PUBG with DOOGEE S70

    Finally get the phone and joystick. Just tried the game PUBG and attached some photos. Maybe can upload a video later. What do you want to know about the phone?
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  • $69.99 is enough to buy a U-notch phone

    Let's imagine, what can you buy with $69.99? Okay, you can buy lots of things . But, can you buy a phone with $69.99? All right, you can buy one as well . However, can you buy a U- ...
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  • DOOGEE game phone's joystick

    What do you think of the joystick, is it cool?
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  • Mini DOOGEE V--X70

    Maybe you are still waiting for DOOGEE V but I haven't get news for that yet. If you like the design of DOOGEE, you may like X70 as well. It looks like a mini DOOGEE V and the price should be much b ...
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  • DOOGEE New Game Rugged Phone

    Maybe you have already read some leak of the phone. Yes! DOOGEE is going to release a game rugged phone. Would you like to have a game phone? Why or why not? What do you think of the design that mak ...
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  • DOOGEE 5th anniversary medal for forum members!

    Hello everyone, Time flies, this year is DOOGEE 5th anniversary. All these years, DOOGEE is trying to make useful, powerful, technological and affordable phones for people all over the world. And th ...
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  • S55 VS Arrow, which one is more rugged?

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  • World Cup Activity Winner Announcement

    World Cup has been over and hope you all enjoy the sports event. We all know the winner of World Cup and now let's see who is the winner of DOOGEE world cup activity: They are: Winner of predict t ...
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