• New BL series ----what do you think of the design?

    Hey guys, a few weeks ago, we guessed the name of new BL series, now the answer is clear: BL9000. Did you guess right? Today we'd like to show you the leather design of BL9000: the side and back o ...
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  • Mabri, Minister of Cote d'Ivoire, Visited DOOGEE

    Mabri Toikeusse Albert Abdallah is the President of regional council of Tonkpi, former Foreign Minister and Ambassador of the West Cultural Tourism Festival of The Republic of Cote d'Ivoir. The only p ...
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  • Best Time to Buy MIX & MIX 2, Best Price You Can Find

    No need to wait for Black Friday or other sale promotion activites. This is the best time to get a new MIX or MIX 2. $139.99 for MIX and $199.99 for MIX 2. Click >>HERE
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  • Happy World Book Day!

    Do you like reading? Have you read some quotes which make you feel moving, shocking or inspiring?I'm not a bookworm but I like collecting quotes and poems. Today is the right time to share it 1. ...
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  • [Pics & Video] DOOGEE V Dazzles Global Sources Electronics Show

    Every year Global Sources Electronics Show attracts a lot of companies all over the world to join and show their best products. And this time there are more than one thousand companies join the exhibi ...
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  • [Giveaway] Vote for Your Favorite Phone and Win FREE Phone

    Hey, guys If you have a chance to get a Doogee phone for free, which one would you like most? And why? We have prepared S60, S50, MIX2, MIX, BL12000, BL7000 and BL5000. And a voter will be randomly ...
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  • Guess The Price of DOOGEE V

    DOOGEE V--The world's first in-display U Notch full-screen phone is getting close to release! With below surprise: * In-display fingerprint * P60 CPU * Flexible Full-screen * AI camera * Face ID * 2 ...
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  • [Closed] Spring Photography Contest----FREE Gifts are Waiting for You!

    When springtime comes upon us, freshness filling in the air, flowers blooming everywhere and trees budding slowly, what a beautiful nature scene! So why not take your phone to record the moment and ...
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  • Guess what the name will be

    It will be BL???
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  • 3.28 AliExpress anniversary sale

    DOOGEE devices join the 3.28 AliExpress anniversary sale with up to 26% off discount and numerous coupons from March, 28th to 31st. DOOGEE store at AliExpress: https://doogeeshop.aliexpress.co ... 25 ...
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